Speedplay teased something last year at Interbike that for most cyclists, probably went unnoticed. It’s one of those things where if you don’t need it, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to it. But for cyclists that do need it, Speedplay’s new SYZR Lift pedals may be the answer they’ve been looking for…

That of course, is a new way of tackling leg length discrepancies or hip-alignment issues. For years, fitters have relied on shims under the cleats which works OK when you’re on the bike, but it can make walking around a challenge. In the case of recessed cleat style pedals for off road use, it also means the tread blocks of the shoe are pushed farther away from the body of the pedal, eliminating the firm connection of a good clipless shoe and pedal combination.

What makes the SYZR Lift different is that the shims are contained within the body of the pedal rather than under the cleat. That means you get all the benefits of the shimmed system, while keeping a normal shoe-to-pedal interface, and a normal cleat on your shoe for less precarious walking.

After first showing the SYZR Lifts at Interbike, they are now available through the Speedplay custom program. Available in 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15mm shims, the pedals are also available with custom spindle widths from 50-65mm. Custom options are apparently only available on the SYZR Stainless model which starts at $199 for the pair and custom options like the Lifts or different spindles can be added for a “nominal custom build upcharge.”



    • Dirk Bergstrom on

      I used them for a few months on my gravel bike before giving up and switching to SPD.
      – Easy to clip in when they’re clean.
      – Extremely difficult to clip in when dirty.
      – Utterly useless and curse-worthy when muddy.
      – Needs careful adjustment of tension or you’ll pull out unexpectedly.
      I started carrying a stiff brush on rides; I’d stop every few miles and clean the cleats so I could clip in. SPDs are better in every way.
      Anyone want a pair for cheap?

        • Christian on

          I’m honestly baffled that people experience such problems with their road design pedals. I own the speedplay zero chromoly and have had zero problems with them for 9 months.

          • EcoRacer on

            If you ever stop on the side of the road when nature is calling, and you step in some mud. Good luck clicking in and out after that. I nearly crashed ones because I couldn’t clip out because of some muddy cleats after a cobbled section in bad weather. I don’t always bother to carry my café cleat covers. Still I love my speedplay pedals, but they have their issues.

  1. Matt on

    They are finicky, when clicked in they are awesome, but they do need lube or get sticky. Getting in is harder than xtr as the cleat is turned when released. I don’t see them being usable for CX. Overall the XTR is a better pedal, but the fit options make these nice.

  2. satanas on

    Is there an ETA on these yet? Shims do not work well with SPDs, Frogs, etc, and I’ve had problems with both clipping in and unexpected releases. These should solve all that.

  3. Peter Goodman on

    I have got and removed two set’s of Syzr pedals, The cleats wear out too fast, the interface is too weak! shoes moving forward and backwards on climbs.
    Gone back to Frogs one most of my bikes and Time on one.
    Speedplay had a go MTB Pedal in the Frog and the Syzr is a step backwards

  4. darb85 on

    ive been living with Syzrs for a little over a year now. The Tension adjustment is key on these, carry the wrench with you the first time you use them. I use them for cross and have had no issues clipping in, but you do need to change the way you clip in, Lead with foot down and then drop your heal, done.

    Also get out of the really bad habit of riding with your toe down like I used to . Spring is on the front.

    I had one of my muddiest races on these and they never let me down getting in and out.

    From a Fit Stand point, There is nothing like them. They Start at 160, but They are worth it.

    • Rod Diaz on

      Same here – had some issues at first clipping in and out until the tension got dialed right – then no problems at all last season, including one very muddy race. I did clean them every time and lubed them frequently.

  5. Eric Meislahn on

    I installed a set yesterday (9mm shim on RH pedal) on my cross bike with excellent results. I’ve been waiting almost a year for these after losing 18mm on my right leg due to a broken femoral neck two years ago (ORIF). The biggest hassle was un-doing all the extreme cleat and saddle positions that I have had to adopt with my Shimano SPD cleats. I’m very happy to have this solution, even with Syzr’s eccentricities.

  6. Juan More Time on

    As someone with a leg length discrepancy, I was hoping it would be possible to purchase a packet of pedal shims and retro fit them to an existing SYZR pedal… I was about to buy a pair of SYZR pedals, I’m sure glad I held fire on my order now…


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