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Spurcycle Accidentally Creates Beautiful Limited New Denim Finish for Original Bell

Spurcycle Limited Edition Denim Original Bell hero(Photos/Spurcycle)
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Sometimes we mean to do cool things. Sometimes it just happens, like a happy accident. That’s what Spurcycle said about how their new limited “Denim” bells came about.

Tinkering in the shop doesn’t always produce exciting results, however, some creations are so strongly charged they seem to force themselves to life. We didn’t initially set out to produce a “Denim” edition of our Original Bell, but here it is!”

And if you aren’t riding with a bell (you should be), this new limited color will convince you to start. I am already a huge Spurcycle Original Bell fan and long-time customer. Still, I feel compelled to buy yet another bell, just to get this new finish. It’s pretty gorgeous.

How They Did It

Spurcycle Limited Edition Denim Original Bell domes

Spurcycle says that each Spurcycle Dome is brushed in-house. Then some of the domes get sent out to get black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating. “Recently, we tested brushing some Domes a second time after DLC coating. The results were undeniably interesting and we dubbed this first batch of experimental finish ‘stonewashed’.”  

Indigo Hammers

At about the same time, Spurcycle then received some uniquely beautiful hammer samples. The hammers are typically anodized for color, like raw, black, pink, and gold. But Spurcycle says that they were curious to see what kind of finish could be achieved by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). “Again, the experiment resulted in undeniably compelling parts—Hammers in a deep Indigo blue with captivating luster.

Spurcycle Limited Edition Denim Original Bell each a little different

Why Denim?

‘Stonewashed’ Domes and Indigo Hammers sparked some conversation about “distressed denim” as an icon of fashion with a long history of rugged dependability. In the last decade, Spurcycle Original Bells have become iconic in their own right and we actually guarantee them for life.” 


The limited Spurcycle “Denim” release, Spurcycle says, is “intended to emphatically demonstrate our craft”. Because of the nature of the finish, there is a unique “personality” to each brushed finish. The clear glossy Cerakote finish is “icing on the proverbial cake” and really makes the entire assembly shine. “It is the final bit of sweetness that makes these bells stand out, and it’s literally baked on for durability.” 

Retail is $69 and you can get yours while supplies last at the link below.


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13 days ago

At $69 for a bell I fear they’ve been inhaling too much of the coating vapors! ; )

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