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SQ Labs busts out Hans Rey Collection saddle and grips plus a seat for…. Timmy C from Rage against the Machine?

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A SQ lab Tim Commerford

At this point in his career, Hans Rey has more than earned the right to have his name to be on about any bike part he touches. That of course includes HRC versions of SQ Lab’s popular 611 Active MTB Ti saddle and 711 MX grips, but how about one of the more hard-core, adrenaline raising musicians that also happens to ride mountain bikes? Tim Commerford (aka. Timmy C.), former bassist for Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and currently heading up Future User, is also a pretty hardcore mountain biker and fan of SQ Labs, so they created the rad saddle pictured above for him.

Rage past the break to check out the Hans Rey Special Edition Saddle and Grips from SQ Labs…

photos c. of SQLabs

SQ Labs Active Ti SQ Labs Active Ti 2

The SQ Labs 611 Active MTB Ti saddle has few unique features in that it comes in various sizes to fit each rider, has a longer nose, (giving you more room to “shift” on the saddle similar to how motocross riders do), and is… well “active”. By active, the saddle comes with interchangeable elastomers with three different densities that allow the saddle to tilt side to side to keep your spine more stable during pedaling, (most of cyclists’ back pain is not from bending over, but from the constant movement of your hips and lower spine with every single pedal stroke). The 611 saddle has a unique “stepped” design that has gotten some rave reviews (including my own), but because saddles are a very personal thing, one of our own reviewers couldn’t get used to its stepped design.

GT mountain bikesIMG_7927 GT mountain bikesIMG_7926

GT mountain bikesIMG_7923
We got a chance to check out Hans’ bike in Park City earlier this year.
Range of use MTB sitzposition-triathlon sitzposition-gestreckt sitzposition-moderat
Widths (effective use) 13 cm 14 cm 15 cm
Length 302 mm
Weight 289 g 295 g 304 g
Hardness (SQ-Shore) 60 60 60
Discharge (Perineal pain) 60 % 75 % 75 %
Rails TiTube Alloy
Cover K18, Kevlar
Padding Marathon Foam
Suspension (adjustable) soft, medium, hard
Active design yes

The 711MX Grips are a dual density grip offering a slight ergonomic design in order to better to shape to the hand’s natural curvature thus more evenly dispersing pressure and reducing “hot spots” that may cause pain or numbness in your hands.



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8 years ago

The above writeup says “elastomers with three different densities that allow the saddle to tilt side to side to keep your spine more stable during pedaling”, whereas the old review linked to above says “dampened lateral tilt [that] allows it to follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis on each pedal stroke. This results in a decrease of pressure on the sitbones and a mobilization of the spinal discs.”

The second older quote to me seems more accurate in that it seems this design would encourage lateral swaying in the lumbar region, and in a sense would be doing the opposite of “keeping your spine more stable during pedaling.

As someone who has dealt with many riders suffering from cycling related lower back pain, this is an interesting design, but seems to run counter to a common goal of fitters which is to improve pelvic stability in order to reduce rocking and de-load the lumbar musculature.

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