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Some of the biggest news from GT at PressCamp was the fact that the Zaskar was nearing its 25th anniversary. One of the longest running production bikes has also proven to be one of the most versatile having won World Cups in DH, XC, Slalom, and Trials. While 25 years is impressive, more impressive is the fact that GT’s sponsorship of the legendary Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is entering its 30th year. Likely one of the longest running sponsorships in the world of mountain biking, Hans was there for the launch of the very first Zaskar just like he was for the 25th Anniversary LTD.

While still perfectly capable of schooling most riders in trials, these days Hans is more likely to be found on incredible adventures across the globe promoting his Wheels 4 Life charity. When adventure calls, Hans reaches for his tricked out GT Sensor Carbon…

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Starting with the frame, Hans rides a medium Sensor Carbon 27.5 which he says is his choice for trail riding or any of his adventures. Typically built with a 150mm fork on the front, Hans likes his bikes a little more “choppered out” and chooses to run a 160mm Fox 36 Float FIT4 CTD Kashima fork on the front. The frame runs 130mm of travel with a Fox Float CTD Kashima rear shock.

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As a long time Crank Brothers athlete, the Sensor rolls on Iodine11 carbon wheels with a special gold treatment. Hans’ sponsorship with Duro tire meant the Iodine11 wheels were wrapped in the 27.5 x 2.35 Switch tires from the brand front and rear, though he typically runs a Matador 2.2 out back. Both tires are run tubeless.

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Due to the remote places his travels take him, Hans sticks with a 2×11 drivetrain with Shimano XTR running a 34/24 up front and an 11-40T cassete. Shimano also supplies the 175mm cranks, a new D-mount Side Swing front derailleur, and XTR chain. You’ll also find XTR for the brakes with Trail brakes with a carbon lever mounted to the shifters with i-Spec mounts and 180mm rotors.. Crank Brothers also supplies the Iodine 11 bar in 15mm rise and 780mm width, 50mm Iodine 2 stem, and the 50/50 flat pedals.

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SQlab provides the grips and saddle which are his forthcoming signature series called the HRC (Hans Rey Certified) edition. The saddle starts with the 611 Active model in the 14cm width while the grips are the 711 in a size small. The saddle is mounted to a Crank Brothers kronolog dropper with 5″ of travel and a remote lever on the right side of the bar.

Thanks to Hans for the time and that last run down the mountain in Park City!


  1. Daniel on

    Man, GT frame, Crank Brothers wheels, and Duro tires?

    He should go all out and have his suspension sponsored by Suntour and drivetrain by Microshift.

  2. aarl on

    Love Hans! Watched his old trials videos until the VHS tape disintegrated.
    But man, that color scheme on the frame combined with the black/orange Fox36, makes a hideous color combo!
    keep on riding Hans!!

  3. frank on

    Hans lives right down the street from Crank Bros HQ, so the (inevitable) replacement parts are minutes away. Since he hasn’t competed in years, constant component failures don’t really impact his bottom line.

    There’s no real excuse for those pedals though… The OG 5050s could certainly have used a more concave platform, but were otherwise quite well built. These new ones are an embarrassment – ugly as hell, and lacking in traction. MX-80 Saint pedals – made by his other sponsor – are miles better in all respects.

    …and since I’m being a cranky jerk, I’ll remind you all to NEVER PAY FOR XTR parts. They are less Shimano’s top-of-the-line components and more of their experimental will-people-put-up-with-this-sh*t grouppo. From brake hoses that are incompatible with everything else Shimano’s ever made to chainring “standards” that change every 2 years to cassettes with a 6 month lifespan. Don’t be that guy. (deleted)

  4. Tim on

    Hans is one of the reasons I got into trials riding around twenty years ago, he is a legend to this day and has given a ton to the sport. If he reads this or is just out riding- thanks, Hans!

  5. Ripnshread on

    iDrive has just got to go. High single pivot with a bunch of shiz to keep chain tension from causing pedaling induced jack and bob…the design is like 25 years old already…


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