SRAM delivers on their promise earlier this year to get their AXS Web tool to talk to Wahoo Elemnt cycling computers for deeper data analytics. Since it’s March debut, the SRAM AXS Web interface dove deep into all the electronic ride data collected by Garmin computers to show users things like when & how often you shifted while riding, how gear choice and even tire pressure impacted your power output, heart rate, or speed. Now Wahoo users get the same free analytics…

SRAM AXS Web Wahoo data connection update

You’ve already been able to wirelessly pair your SRAM AXS groupset to Wahoo Elemnt Roam or Bolt computers to manage connectivity, battery power & indicate gear shifts. And of course your Wahoo is likely connected to many other sensors like: power meters, cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, and maybe even tire pressure sensors – logging all of their data as you ride.

SRAM AXS Web Wahoo data connection update, analytics

all photos c. SRAM

But now (like previously with Garmin Connect) the SRAM AXS Web Wahoo update brings that deeper look into how all of that data interacts, from SRAM’s free web-based interface. Pair your AXS Web account directly to your Wahoo account, and each time you sync your computer with the Elemnt App, its complete data can be automatically uploaded to AXS Web for review.

SRAM AXS Web Wahoo data connection update, adventure gravel

All Wahooligans can benefit here, as the free AXS Web tool will input anyone’s data for analysis – from adventure gravel to triathlon.

SRAM AXS Web Wahoo data connection update, triathlon

The biggest to benefit will be users with AXS and probably power meters, although the more connected sensors the better. But it also seems that even those with other electronic shift groups (Di2 or EPS, for example) can still see the gearing data that their Wahoo logs.

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