Switched to Eagle AXS but missing the trigger shifter feel of your mechanical group? SRAM feels ya, and they’re finally taking advantage of the wireless shifter pod’s ability to swap levers.

The new AXS Rocker puts the thumb “buttons” in a more traditional placement, giving it a more familiar feel for riders coming from a mechanical group. The original design uses a flatter rocker paddle, letting riders quickly push the top or bottom to shift in either direction. And it could be customized within their AXS app so that either direction could shift up or down, depending on your preference.

The original design has a learning curve, and this new option should get all users up to speed a little quicker.

Eagle AXS Rocker, more familiar shift ergonomics

sram eagle wireless shifter rocker paddle upgrade kit

It’s available as an upgrade kit for just $20…

sram eagle axs wireless shifter with trigger style button kit installed

…or as OEM on a new AXS shifter pod ($200). EU and UK pricing is €/£ 20 and 200, also. Available this month.


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1 year ago

I’m super pleased SRAM have done this, I have AXS on one of my bikes and whilst I love the shifting performance I’ve always hated the shifter buttons, personally find them uncomfortable with to many sharp pointy edges. I’ve placed my order for the rocker already and can’t wait to feel the difference.