Want better braking? Of course you do. If it’s a matter of simply running a better rotor for improved performance, sign us up. That’s what SRAM is claiming to offer with their newest brake rotor, the HS2.

SRAM HS2 brake rotor

Meant specifically for mountain biking, the HS2 claims to offer 7% better power. That increase comes from things like a new brake track design that is said to “increase pad traction.” It looks like it would also be quieter as well.

rounded edge of brake rotor

The rotor itself is now thicker at 2.00mm, which when combined with the special heat dissipating paint, leads to a rotor that runs cooler when compared to the previous Centerline model. According to SRAM’s testing in Garda, the new HS2 rotor ran up to 40°C cooler. Additionally, the edges of the rotors are rounded.

6-bolt SRAM HS2 brake rotor Centerlock SRAM HS2 brake rotor

Available in Centerlock or 6-Bolt hub interfaces, both versions are offered in 160, 180, 200, and 220mm diameters, at $50, $55, $60, and $65 respectively. While both 6-Bolt and Centerlock rotors are sold for the same price, the 6-bolt rotors include the mounting bolts, but the Centerlock Rotors do not include the lockring.



  1. NoSramRtrs4lyfe on

    I’m so happy they didn’t create more surface to displace heat along with the special paint on ALL the arms cuz I only want my rotors to run a little cooler so I don’t lose that famous heat squeel and fade they’re known for 😉

  2. typevertigo on

    Isn’t this SRAM’s spray-on steel coating for brake rotors that was on the news here about six months ago? I thought that was a neat technology, at least on paper, and a possible way of getting around Shimano IceTech rotor patents.

    Or is this a different, unrelated technology?


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