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SRAM Unveils All-New 10-Speed X7 Mountain Bike Component Group!

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SRAM has just unveiled an all-new 10-speed X7 mountain bike component group.  It’s the first time the X7 group has received a complete matching component set, and SRAM isn’t shy about showing their hand for what is almost sure to be a 10-speed X-0 group at Sea Otter.  Here’s SRAM’s official blurb on the new group:

For the first time SRAM offers the right combination of matching SRAM X7 components. SRAM X7 features 2X10 drivetrain, X-Glide front shifting, Exact Actuation, new PowerGlide cassette ratios, carbon cage rear derailleurs , new S1400 crank offering and Avid Elixir R brakes.

SRAM 2X10 is becoming understood by riders of all levels and segments by delivering a full ragne of usable gears, less weight and faster and smoother shifting.  We build on this with choice, and a strong materials mix aimed and mid-level XC to entry level downhillers and freeriders.

Jump past the break for a full rundown of specs, details and glorious photos!

The new X7 10-speed rear derailleur drops carbon cages down to a new low…in a good way.  Trickle down technology is a wonderful thing, and given that XX was only introduce last year, the pace of change is indeed a good, good thing for consumers.

SRAM claims the X7 10-speed rear derailleur will deliver XX-level shifting, but at a much more affordable price point.  The carbon cage is a 3K weave, and the alloy body is their new Storm Grey finish.  The derailleur uses SRAM’s Exact Actuation, meaning the derailleur moves the same amount as the lever pushes.  They used to call it 1:1 Actuation. The derailleur will come in three cage lengths: long, medium and short, with compatibility up to a 36T cassette cog. Claimed weight: 239g.


The S1400 2X10 crank uses SRAM’s X-Glide patented shifting technology, which synchronizes shift points between the two rings in four locations with 3:2 teeth counts, in this case 42/28 or 39/26 combos.  The crank arms are hollow forged 7075 alloy with a brushed, rough surface texture and available in 170mm and 175mm lengths.  It’ll be available in both the color-matched group Storm Grey and Blast Black (which will match the chainrings). Claimed weight: 871g (175mm with XR GXP BB)

Tyler Morland, PR manager for SRAM MTB, says there will likely be a 3-speed crankset option for OEM, and probably something down the line for aftermarket, but you could always run any Truvativ (or other…our words, not his) triple and have a 3X10.  Morland stressed that the news is the growth of their 2X10 options and that that’s what they want to highlight…again, teasing that we’ll be seeing a sick new X0 2X10 group in April.


The cranks are designed to work with the GXP (Giga X Pipe) outboard bearing bottom bracket.  The GXP BB uses a Gutter Seal technology to keep gunk out and the bearings are captured between the cup and the crankarm (non drive side) to avoid side loading the bearings.  They’ll be available in three levels: Ceramic (with red ano shells…of course), Team (custom steel bearings with Tungsten finish) and XR (shown, custom steel bearings with Black finish).  The outer part of the shell has an improved tool interface to prevent slipping during installation and removal, too.


The new X7 front derailleur was designed as new from the ground up.  It’s slimmer and lighter than the previous version and comes in either 31.8mm and 34.9mm clamp-mount and hi and low direct-mount options.  It’s designed to work with both top and bottom pull cable routing.  Claimed Weight: 137g (2X10, low clamp)


Borrowing again from XX and their road groups, the X7 10-speed trigger shifters use the same Exact Actuation shifting tech as the higher end groups.  They’re Matchmaker compatible, so you can mount them together with any of the Avid brakes, including the new color-matched Elixir R set below.  One great feature over older models (but on current version, too) is the top-cap cable change.  If you’re running a set that’s more than two years old, this replaces the soft plastic screw cap that had a tendency to get stripped and stuck.  Claimed Weight: 232g (2×10).

There will be a 3-speed front shifter available, too, that, according to the spec sheet we got from SRAM, will be compatible with both the 2- and 3- gear cranksets, indicating that the spacing between the chainrings is the same.


OK, we know you probably scrolled down to see this first, so here it is. The X7 10-speed PowerGlide 1050 cassette has all the expected shift ramps and tooth profiles for fast shifting, but it gets a new semi-spidered construction to maximize stiffness.  It’ll be available in 11-32 and 12-36 options, with the latter likely being the more popular.  It has a steel lockring, heat-treated steel cogs with a silver finish and an alloy spider.  Claimed Weight: 302g (11-32)



The new X7 hubs get a black ano finish (interestingly, not color matched to the rest of the group) with decaled logos.  The rear uses a 3-pawl ratchet with a steel freehub body.  Both hubs have an aluminum hub shell with 32 holes and cartridge bearings.  Keeping in line with Avid’s rotors, they have standard 6-bolt disc rotor mounts and standard  axle configurations (108mm F/145mm R) and quick releases (9mm F/10mm R).  Claimed Weights: 180g F / 425g R

sram-avid-elixir-r-brake-lever20112011-sram-x7-2x10-_brakecaliper_rear 2011-sram-x7-2x10-_brakecaliper_front

The Elixir R brakes will now come in color-matched Storm Grey, but is otherwise the same as current Elixir R with their Taperbore technology, top-loading pads and carbon lever upgrade option.  Claimed Weight: 365g (Front w/ 160mm rotor and carbon lever blade.  Add 10g for alloy lever)

SRAM has added duties to their entry level 10-speed chain, the solid-pinned PC-1051, indicating it as the go-to chain for this group. Claimed Weight: 277g (114 links)

We know you’re wondering, so here’s the math:  Total group weight based on minimums listed = 2,818g (assumes 395g for a rear brake and rotor).  That doesn’t include the hubs because, if we’re honest with ourselves, those are going to be OEM only.

Pricing for the group is TBD.  OEM bikes should start showing up with the group as early as late July, with aftermarket sales coming online in September.

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14 years ago

Looks great! is SRAM not updating X9 though? Or are they looking to differentiate X0 as 10speed and keep X9 as the “elite” 9 speed drivetrain?

Also, is the new x7 stuff going to be compatible with their road shifters for touring/cyclocross set ups?

14 years ago

I vote for a little misprint. You said that Exact Actuation is what used to be 1:1. However, they are different and not compatible.

14 years ago

Will the cranks work in a 2×9 setup? If so, would an X7 front derraileur be needed? I’ll be the first in line for a new X7 crankset if I can use it with my existing 9-speed set up.

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