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The Stashed SpaceRail is a next-level bike storage solution

stashed space rail best bike storage solution
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I need this in my life. OK, the word need is perhaps a bit strong, but my living space certainly stands to benefit from the Stashed SpaceRail. While there are a number of ceiling-based bike storage solutions out there, we are yet to see any quite so refined as this one. The Stashed SpaceRail, designed, tested and manufactured in Wales, UK, is available in 4-bike, 8-bike and 12-bike versions. They’re modular, so you can add capacity as and when your quiver grows. N+1, right?

Stashed SpaceRail

stashed spacerail bike storage solution ceiling hang design

The Stashed SpaceRail is an innovative new bicycle storage solution designed to maximize the number of bikes that can stored in any given space, and make them easily accessible at the same time. Homes, garages, offices and bike shops could all make good use of one of these. It is a ceiling-mounted rail along which bike hooks can slide, and each one of those hooks can rotate about 360°. The idea here is that your can rotate the bike to the most space-saving angle relative to the neighboring bike.

ceiling hanging bike storage hooks on rails stashed spacerail

Stashed Products say the SpaceRail can reduce the space need to store bikes by up to 50% by overlapping them, thus storing them much closer together. They go on to day that traditional systems are limited to bike spacing of 350-400mm to allow access, whereas the SpaceRail allows for spacing down to 150mm – bar and pedal width dependent, i’m sure. The caveat is that, in order to access the bike you want, you do need to leave decent space somewhere along the rail to slide its neighbors in to.

stashed space rail autolock hooks anti rotation

There is an unseen feature on the Stashed SpaceRail that should make it far more user-friendly than it may appear to be at first glance – the hooks on the rail have an auto-locking function. When unloaded, a ball joint mechanism locks the hook into position such that it cannot rotate or slide; this should reduce any fumbling that might occur as you attempt to hook the rim into position. Then, when it’s loaded, the joint unlocks itself and can slide and rotate freely to be maneuvered into the best position.

stashed space rail hooks polymer covers

The hooks themselves are universal, able to accomodate any rim and tire combination up to 3 inches wide. They each come with a wide plastic cover that helps to spread the load without damaging the rim. The hooks can take eBikes as well as regular bikes, but do bear in mind that the maximum weight capacity of any individual hook is 30 kg. Each SpaceRail can take a maximum of 120 kg.

daisy chain bikes wheels storage stashed spacerail
Additional double hooks can be purchased for £24.99 each; these can allow you to daisy chain smaller items like wheels and balance bikes

The sliding rail mount system is said to allow fitment to any ceiling structure spacing between 600mm and 1,000mm using the included stainless steel fasteners – just 4 screws secure it in place. Each SpaceRail section is 1196mm long but thanks to its modular design, the maximum length of the SpaceRail and thus how many bikes it can carry, is limited only by the amount of space available and the length of the ceiling structure to which it is to be mounted.

stashed spacerail bike hook ceiling hanging storage solution

stashed spacerail pedal covers
Pedal Wraps can be purchased for an extra £17.99-£19.99 each

Pricing & Availability

The Stashed SpaceRail retails at £159.99; that gets you a single rail and a single hook. The second hook will cost you an additional £40, and every other hook after that an extra £50. A 4-Bike Stashed SpaceRail costs £299.99; an 8-Bike costs £569.99, and a 12-Bike costs £839.99. Thus, it becomes slightly more cost-effective the more bikes you add to it.

ceiling hanging bike storage stashed space rail

A SpaceRail angle mount kit is also available for £29.99 should you need to position the rail slightly offset from the ceiling structure it is to be supported by.

Stashed Products sell the SpaceRail with a 2-year no quibbles warranty. Initially, the Stashed SpaceRail is only available in the UK, but international shipping will be available soon.

stashed space rail bike storage angles


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7 months ago

I have exactly this setup for about €40 of stuff from my local DIY store.

7 months ago
Reply to  Jaap

Maybe not that cheap, but I did a 12-bike sure
For about $400, less than half the price of this and pretty easy to do. Lee McCormick has a great video:


Support your local hardware store!

7 months ago
Reply to  Jaap

Why? Wheels hooks are only 24.99 pounds!

We just need to find the maker on aliexpress now…

7 months ago

Looks cool, but I don’t think it really makes things easier, nor does it save space. Those 8 bikes in the top picture would probably fit in that same space quite easily with conventional wall or ceiling hooks. When the other bikes are out of the way then yes, getting your bike on and off the hook will be a bit easier, but it does mean you have to slide all surrounding bikes aside te create that free space, and slide them back in place again after that.
My guess is that irl, most will end up with the bikes hanging like the would with normal hooks, evenly divided over the available space, only to slide the bikes on either side aside a bit to create some space. Handy, but the system might be a bit overkill just for that.

7 months ago
Reply to  WhateverBikes

I did a DIY version of this 2 yeas ago and I went from barely squeezing in 10 bikes with traditional hooks to easily fitting 12.

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