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Stashed SpaceRail Bike Storage Gets a Freestanding Prototype

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It wasn’t until day three of the ’23 Sea Otter Classic that Elliot Tanner, the Founder/CEO of Stashed finally flagged me down to show me his bike storage system. I had been walking by it for a few days, looking at it uninterested, thinking it was just another “hang your bike on a hook” storage system.

Well, it’s not.

Stashed Sliding Bike Storage bikes squeezed in tight
Photo c. R. Frazelle

Stashed SpaceRail Bike Storage is actually a very clever system of weighted/sliding/rotating hooks. Plus, it’s versatile and flexible in its mounting options. It can be used on a wall or hanging from the ceiling (flat or angled), or you’ll eventually be able to purchase a freestanding support rack like the one shown above.

This prototype was originally built just for the show, but due to consumer demand, Elliot says they’re going into production. Expect the frames to be hitting stores by the end of the year, or into early 2024.

Stashed Sliding Bike Storage what the hook looks like

We’ve covered the system before, but it’s still worth another look if you’re new to the system. Their hooks aren’t just any ol’ hook. They have an ingenious mechanism that allows the hooks to not only Auto Lock when unweighted but roll with ease once the bike is loaded. They fully rotate as well, allowing for angular bike “stacking”. The hooks come equipped with a built-in little side hook on them as well to store your helmet or what have you.

Stashed Sliding Bike Storage kids and fat bike adaptor

They have some neat accessories for the storage of kids’ bikes and fat tire bikes. There is the Double Hook (above photo in green) that allows you to hang a kid’s bike from the back wheel of another kid’s bike… and voilà, two small bikes in the space of one larger one.

The strap attached to the blue fitting (above photo, under the green hook) is their Fat Tire Adaptor. This simple wraps around the fat tire bike’s front wheel/tire leaving the blue fitting to attach to the racks hook, providing a simple solution for fat bike storage.

Stashed Sliding Bike Storage pedal cover frame protector

Another neat accessory is their Pedal Wrap. This simply wraps your pedal with a Velcro closure so you can slide your bikes snuggly close without causing frame damage by a neighboring pedal. The Pedal Wrap comes in small, medium, and large for a neat and simple solution.

Stashed Sliding Bike Storage close together

Stashed SpaceRail Pricing

One complete storage kit comes with a single SpaceRail (1200mm/4ft) that can hold a total of 120kg (30kg/65lbs) per hook.

  • One SpaceRail storage system for the ceiling: $203 (includes rail, 1 hook, and mounting hardware)
  • One SpaceRail storage system for the wall: $394 (includes rail, 1 hook, and wall mounting hardware)
  • One SpaceRail storage system for angle: $254 (includes rail, 1 hook, and mounting hardware)
  • Additional Spacerail Bike Hook: $77
  • Freestanding Rack: TBD

Check out all the storage options Stashed has to offer by clicking below.


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9 months ago

It’s VeloGlide with a sprung hook instead of threaded.

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