The Stompump claims to be the fastest, easiest way to fill high volume tires anywhere you might need to. Launched earlier this year, the miniature foot pump is through production starts shipping in November with a few unique features. The most obvious differentiator is the design, putting a small foot floor pump in a package that can fit on your bike using the included water bottle cage bolt mount. The stuff you don’t see includes an integrated air filter to keep that trailside dust from infiltrating and gumming it up, and the fact that it’s made in Marin County, CA.

stompump is a mini bicycle tire foot pump that fits on your frame to fill tires faster than mini hand pumps

The Stompump weighs 195g, so just a bit more than a standard mini pump, but still fits on the bike. You could throw it in a hydration pack, too, if you’re already carrying a big pack. They say it fills tires up to 3x faster than traditional mini pumps, and since you’re pumping with your legs, probably much easier, too.

Stompump is the fastest mini portable bicycle tire pump

It’s designed for high volume tires and has a max pressure of 60psi. So, think mountain bikes, cyclocross and gravel bikes.

Retail is $99.95, up for pre-order now. Custom colors are available, and they have various hose colors to choose from, too.


  1. Lyford on

    The pump looks solid, but the video was a bit much — like a bad infomercial, in which the user is hopelessly incompetent with the standard tools.

    • JasonDoubleU on

      Watch the video again and you’ll find out that the creators are also into robot wars where you’ve gotta build tough and high performance, plus they use pneumatics in the robots. So reading between the lines “we are qualified because we build other high tech stuff too.”

  2. Steve on

    They need one that will go higher than 90psi.
    First seen on KickStarter: “Apr 11, 2018 – Stomp Cycles has spent 2 years getting The Stompump ready for production. This includes engineering, designing, prototyping, testing, and …”

  3. esc8engn on

    I think this idea has a lot of merit. CO2 is only good for people who are flat changing experts, and most mini pumps are terrible for two or three reasons at least.
    The Stompy’s limit on pressure is only slightly off-putting. The price is more so. I think I can wait for a mass-produced one in another year. And I think their dream market is gravel/touring people who’s bikes may have an abundance of braze-ons and demand reliability.

  4. Arno on

    Since they don‘t ship … this thing is a crappy marketing bubble. I supported them on Kickstarter but nothing happens. Shipping dates are outdated and no reply’s.

  5. ascarlarkinyar on

    Another non shipping kickstarter company. Promiss the world never deliver. I am soo over kickstarter unless they get a guarantee money back if company doesn’t ship out within a certain time frame.


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