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Strava Now Shows you Carbon Savings when Commuting

Strava Carbon savings.jpegPhoto c. Strava
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Ever wonder just how much difference you’re making commuting by bike? Well, fitness tracking giant, Strava, has announced they are offering a new tool focusing on carbon savings. Started on August 2nd, when you tag your activities (cycling, running, walking, or using an eBike) as commutes on the mobile app or the web, you’ll be able to see your estimated carbon savings.

Strava is hoping that this new feature will help advance carbon savings and encourage more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. A recent study stated that 72% of companies have mandated employees to return to the office. You mix that with the global fuel and cost of living crisis, and we are seeing an influx of commuting by bike and foot.

Strava Carbon savings.jpeg
Photo c. Strava

Through this update, which displays the carbon saved figure on user activities that are marked as “commute”, Strava hopes to motivate its over 100 million users to choose less carbon-intensive means of commuting.

Brain Bell, Stava’s VP of Global Communications and Social Impact had this to say:

At Strava we are proud to consistently provide our community with product features and updates that motivate them to be more active. The new feature unlocks a universal action that anyone on Strava can be part of, and our hope is that when armed with the power to choose between a less eco-friendly form of commuting versus a more human-powered approach – they bias towards the more sustainable option. By providing more visibility on carbon savings, we look to inspire individual action towards a common goal of reducing carbon emissions globally“.

Stava says that the new feature supports their ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure investment for greater active transportation access. They have been sharing de-identified, aggregated activity data insights on commuting trends to city planners for free, doing so through Stava’s proprietary web platform, Metro, which is available to qualifying partner organizations.

Check out Strava’s community hub here or at the link below.


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8 months ago

What a completely senseless feature. They all are following this narrative of the climate change. What is the value of the carbon saving good for? Is it good for a social credit system like in China? If this is the objective than Strava is a stirrup holder of the WEF. No thanks for stuff like that.

Fig Ciocc
Fig Ciocc
8 months ago

Strava is quite funny. I used to be very active on that app and sort of felt a shame of having a bad workout or not riding enough. One day I realized that I almost never actually look at anyone else’s rides aside from WT riders in races or crazy endurance rides from pros and even do that sparingly so there’s a zero percent chance other people are actually looking at my stupid rides let alone care about my missing the third interval on my Pyramids. Shortly after I cancelled my premium subscription and deleted the app. There are so many better apps for training and ride planning unless you care about the social piece Strava is a total waste. I now only access it because I’ll record laps on my motorcycle during track days and the segment function can tell me if I’m getting slower or faster. Shame, they have so much data you’d think the could have made a platform that was a little bit more diverse in its capabilities.

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