Is it happy hour yet? There’s no shame if pandemic life has you looking forward to five o’ clock more than ever. But if you’re also hoping to not undo any of your fitness gains during quarantine, you might consider reaching for a light beer – if light beers weren’t so boring. That was the inspiration for the founder and CEO of the Sufferfest Beer Company, Caitlin Landesberg, when she set out to create a beer that meshed with her athletic lifestyle. Since then, Sufferfest has been growing with more varieties which are generally low calorie and low carb, but are brewed with unique ingredients to create a more interesting alternative to the standard light beer. Now, Sufferfest has added two new beers – Shred and Gut Check.

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'


Brewed in a Kolsch-style, Shred builds on Sufferfest’s ‘California Kolsch Brewery of the Year’ award from the 2020 New York International Beer Competition. Even though this beer checks in at just 95 calories and 5g of carbs, it keeps things interesting with the addition of honey and cayenne for some kick.

  • Low-cal Kolsch-style beer with honey and cayenne, 3.5% ABV
  • 95 cals
  • 5 carbs
  • .85 g Protein
  • -Gluten-removed
  • Our Shred Kolsch boasts full flavor and body, but without the calories and carbs weighing you down. With added cayenne and honey for an additional layer of aroma and complexity, the Shred is here to celebrate work, life balance.

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

A can of Shred cracks open with satisfying pop and pours bright, clear, and golden. For a light beer, the head retention is surprisingly good. While the first sip is fairly uneventful and light, the slight kick from the cayenne builds with each swig leaving a pleasant tingling towards the back of your throat towards the end of glass. The nose is definitely Kolsch-like, but a bit funkier which reminds me of some Saisons. It’s very drinkable but the level of spice makes me think this would be a one and done type beer. But if you’re counting calories, maybe that’s a good thing?

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer' Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

Gut Check

If spicy Kolsch’s aren’t your thing, then you may want to check out the Gut Check. Named for the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar, this session IPA manages to keep the calories down to 100, with 6g of carbs. Like Shred, Gut Check is gluten-removed. That means that while these beers aren’t gluten free and won’t be drinkable by those with celiac disease or severe allergies, those with light to moderate gluten sensitivity may be able to consume them.

  • IPA brewed with apple cider vinegar, 4.0 ABV
  • 100 calories
  • 6 carbs
  • Gluten-removed
  • Inspired by those who seize the day, Gut Check is a low-cal IPA whose full body teems with flavor. Apple cider vinegar lends a bright tang, citrus aroma, and a kick to match your grit. You bring the guts and we’ll bring the glory.

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

Gut Check also provides a proper crack when you open the can and pours a similar perfectly clear gold. On this one the head is a bit more robust with slightly bigger bubbles that don’t hang around quite so long. But it’s still impressive for a light beer. Hop lovers will love the nose of this low-cal IPA as it smells of fresh citrus hops. Apple cider vinegar isn’t an ingredient that you’ll find in many IPAs, and while certainly not overpowering, there is a slight tang that could probably be attributed to the addition. I find this a bit more refreshing than most session IPAs and it seems like it would be a great refreshment after a hard ride.

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

Available in individual six packs, or a new mix pack with Gut Check, FKT (a pale ale with salt and black currant), and Head Start (a stout with coffee and coconut flavor), the new beers should be rolling out to retailers starting in May. Sufferfest offers a ‘beer finder’ on their website, and depending on your location you may be able to get it delivered via Drizly or Instacart. Also, since Sufferfest Beer Company was acquired by Sierra Nevada Brewing in early 2019, Sufferfest should benefit from Sierra Nevada’s vast distribution network. Which means if you really want to find Sufferfest locally, you might be able to nicely ask your favorite beer shop to either get it in, or special order it.

Sufferfest Beer Company's new Shred & Gut Check give new meaning to 'sport beer'

Speaking of Sierra Nevada, the company has partnered with ECHOS Communications and their REVEAL media conference to host an “Enjoy Outdoors, Now & Tomorrow” panel discussion. Open to both public and industry, the discussion will be broken into two parts – the Great Outdoors which airs today, and On Two Wheels which airs tomorrow. Both panels feature key speakers from the outdoor and bike industries and will tackle subjects surrounding everything from what the outdoors looks like in a post-pandemic society to future opportunities.

April 29: The Great Outdoors – Presented by Sufferfest Beer Co., 12pm to 1pm PST

The outdoors has an extra special allure right now, but as outdoor experts how do we define “responsible recreation” and how are we pivoting our outdoor experiences accordingly? What are we doing to engage with our community to educate around this, focusing on emotional and mental health, as well as diversity in the outdoors? As we make moves towards a more “normal” existence, will we see a different future for the outdoor industry and outdoor spaces, and what can we take forward with us as learnings and opportunities for change? Key thought-leaders weigh in.

Moderator: Katie Hawkins – Outdoor Alliance


  • Gloria Liu – Features Editor, Outside Magazine
  • Latoya Shauntay Snell – Running Fat Chef, HOKA ONE ONE Global Ambassador
  • Teresa Baker – Founder, Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge

Watch the April 29th panel, starting at 12pm PST, here:

April 30th – On Two Wheels – Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., 12pm to 1pm, PST

Cycling has been deemed essential. With record sales despite a disrupted supply chain, is this a moment? Will the mini-boom last? What role will bike shops play in a post-pandemic industry that has shifted purchasing habits online? How will events and the infrastructure surrounding these shops play a part in our new reality once shelter in place is lifted? The panel will discuss these topics as well as safe riding practices and how we can continue to enjoy our sport in a socially responsible manner.

Moderator: Billy Sinkford, Senior Partner, ECHOS Communications


  • Greg Williams – Executive Director, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship
  • Mandi McKay – Sustainability Manager, Sierra Nevada
  • Paul Price – Founder, Paul Components
  • Jenn Kriske – Founder and CEO, Machines for Freedom
  • Erik Nohlin – Specialized Bicycle Components

Watch the April 30th panel, starting at 12pm PST, here:

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