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Swiss Side AERO Socks Prove White Socks are Faster

swiss side aero cycling socks shown from behind
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What started out as aero calf sleeves for triathletes in 2023 has finally come around to covering the whole foot, and being UCI legal.

The new Swiss Side AERO Socks top out at a UCI-approved 9.5cm, but provide almost as much drag reduction as the sleeves, and enough to help pros eke out a couple of seconds advantage. To prove it, they’ve even built their own custom wind tunnel to test fabrics, and they went through 50 different fabric types in 135 different configurations to arrive at these socks.

swiss side aero cycling socks shown on a rider from the front

The material is non-compressive, and the foot section is extremely lightweight and thin to maximize breathability and keep you cool. They’re white, and white only, because sublimation or dyes would have made the material less breathable…and added drag. (So, yes, it’s true – white socks are faster.)

swiss side aero cycling socks

Despite being shorter, the Swiss Side AERO Socks delivered between 60% – 80% of the drag reduction of the AERO CALF Sleeves, with drag savings between 3W – 6.5W measured at 45km/h (about 28mph). MSRP is €69, available in unisex S/M/L sizing.


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Yeah sure
Yeah sure
1 month ago

White cycling socks and shoes are an old bicycle industry scam. Thats why they make the pros wear them. If you ride in white socks or shoes then it will rain and it will look garbage. They tried to do this with white bar tape in the 2010s but it was too on the nose and everyone realized how bad an idea it was when they had to change a tire and ruined their bar tape with dirty hands.

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