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Tailfin’s New 16-Liter Mini Panniers are Not too Big & Not too Small… but Just Right

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch tapered design(Photos/Tailfin)
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Right on the heels of the release of their super useful Fork Pack System, UK’s Tailfin launches their latest item. The 16-liter Mini Panniers are here, and they might be the perfect size for most. The new Tailfin 16-liter size is being added to the already versatile line of Mini Panniers that include such hits as the 5-liter, and 10-liter.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch the mini pannier gang

Designed to be taken into the wilderness, the new 16-liter Mini Pannier will be easier and less cumbersome than a full-size, 22-liter pannier.

So, here’s how it could work

Use the full-size, 22-liter panniers for your city errand running, and big tours you’re planning for the future. Then use the 16-liter Minis for your faster, single-track, off-road, scrappy overnighter. Get it? Or just use them for layers and coffee stuff for a long day in the saddle where #coffeoutside might be in order. The world is your oyster… or, Carpe Diem… you know, somethin’ along those lines. I’m sure you’ll come up with somethin’.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch studio front and back

Tailfin Goldilocks Panniers

The Tailfin “Goldilocks Panniers” (they came up with that, not me) are more of a Mid-size pannier at 16-liters. Like, say a “Midi” Pannier instead of a “Mini” Pannier… get it? Tailfin came up with that too.

Anyway, these new 16-liter panniers are spacious enough to hold a 14″ laptop, but small enough to take them bumping down some tight, backcountry singletrack. The 16-liter size plops right in between the 5 and 10-liter panniers and the giant 22-liter touring panniers.


Look, carrying gear, equipment or daily essentials on your bike is cool, and sometimes challenging. But, solving that challenge is something that Tailfin really “relishes in”. It’s a problem that Tailfin says “is constantly evolving as our customers’ needs continue to evolve. This pack represents an evolution of our existing range and meets the needs.”

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch packed up

Like all of Tilfin’s existing panniers, their product specification remains the same.

  • Stable
  • Light
  • Rattle-free
  • Dependable reliability
  • Easy to use 
  • Repairable/serviceable
  • Waterproof
Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch secure lock down

Tailfin’s X-Clamp System

At the heart of all the Tailfin packs is their X-Clamp mounting system. It uses three key clamping components that are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, shot-blasted, and anodized. Then they are screwed together with a combo of stainless steel shoulder screws (say that 5 times, fast) and nylon bushings. They say the result is a “rock-solid clamp with an over-center mechanism that won’t budge“. Our experience says the same.

The X-Clamp System physically clamps to the rack to “omit all rattle”. Hidden in a pocket in the bag is a CNC-machined 6061-T6 internal frame.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch convenient straps

The Material of the Pannier

All Tailfin bags are High-Frequency (HF) welded to be 100% waterproof. Unlike sewing, which leaves lots of little holes, HF welding physically fuses the TPU membrane of the fabrics. This creates an impenetrable barrier.

There are two main fabrics in use here. First, their 210D Ripstop Nylon at the top, where the fabric needs to be easily rolled. Second, the 210D double-sided textured nylon (Hypalon) in areas of the bag where high wear can occur. The combo of these fabrics makes for a light and durable bag.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch laptop holster going in

The Pack and Laptop Holster

To rectangle or not to rectangle… that is the question. At least it was the question Tailfin asked themselves when deciding on how to carry a 14″ laptop in the 16-liter Mini Pannier.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch laptop holster in action

What they did was create a false floor for the laptop to rest on, like high-end backpacks. Lifting the laptop higher in the bag allowed them to taper the and tuck the bottom in. Doing this, not only creates a bag that has a less-boxy shape, but it protects the laptop from strikes while also preventing the dreaded heel strike.

Tailfin 16-liter Pannier launch loptop holster

The 16-liter Mini Pannier was designed not only for the commute but for as much adventure as you can muster. So, that being said the Laptop holster is completely removable. And since not everyone wants to carry their damn laptop everywhere, the Laptop Holster will not be a standard feature but sold separately.

Retail and Specs


16-liter Mini Pannier: $125 (sold individually)
Laptop Holster: $25


  • Color: Tailfin Black
  • Volume: 16 liters
  • Materials: Hypalon/Ripstop Nylon
  • Weights: 16L Mini-Pannier 570g / Laptop Holster: 120g
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Crash Replacement Policy: 30% discount on “like-for-like” items


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2 months ago

Does it work on generic racks, or do you have to use the Tailfin rack?

1 month ago
Reply to  esc8engn

You have to drop some serious coin for this system.

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