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Tasty New Treats Roundup #2 – Nuun, Osmo, Ryno Power, Trail Butter, Skratch & VeloSport

nuun endurance sports drink hydration mix
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Part Two of our nutrition roundup from Sea Otter Classic includes a mix (pun intended) of drinks, bars, CBD products of all kinds, and a mix-up of nut butters for something a little more natural. Starting with Nuun, their hydration mix gets revamped as Endurance. The formula is still aimed at keeping you hydrated with optimally balanced electrolytes and sugar levels, but the flavor gets turned up a bit from the original’s almost water-like finish. We’ve tried it on a long, hot ride, and the added mouthfeel seemed to better encourage consumption. Get a 16-serving canister for $20.

They’ve also added a new Rest formula to their effervescent tab lineup. Using a blend of Magnesium, Potassium and Tart Cherry, plus one flavor with Chamomile, too. $7 for 10 tablets.

Trail Butter makes a different kind of trail mix

Imagine taking your favorite trail mix, chopping it up super fine, then blending it into peanut or almond butter. That’s the idea with Trail Butter, and it’s delicious. They have three flavors and multiple sizes ranging from 1.15oz ($2) to 4.5oz ($6) to 16oz jars ($15). They’re a mix of almond, cashew and/or sunflower butters, depending on flavor. My only complaint? That the samples were so darn small!

Ryno Power finds their Mana

Mana’s a Polynesian word for supernatural or magical power, and with real food ingredients like these, the new Ryno Power Mana bar could help you find your super power. Or, at least, your staying power.

I’m digging the ingredient list, from pea protein to oats to peanut butter to flax seeds. Just watch out, if you have a sensitivity to quinoa (“keen-wah”, you’re welcome), this has some of that, too.

Skratch Labs gets their bars to the bar

We spotted these at Interbike last fall, and the news is that now they’re finally shipping. Two of the flavors are a little sweet, and the Skratch Labs Parmesan/Sundried Tomato/Black Pepper option should hit the, um, sweet spot when you’re tired of sweets. Sweet, huh?

OSMO makes a rapid recovery

Officially, this product isn’t available yet, except it kinda is…in it’s original form. The upcoming OSMO Rapid Recovery drink mix basically just shuffles the ingredients around a bit, adding more sugars to increase the carbs from their original Acute Recovery product’s meager 6g up to this versions 16g. Protein remains at 15g per serving from a mix of whey and micellar casein. Retail is TBD.

Velosport gets into CBD

Velosport Imports is better known for importing Italian cycling brands to the U.S., but there’s a bit of a gold rush going on with CBD, and they’re mining it hard with a big new collection of products. From pills to droppers…

…to hydration tablets to muscle rubs. As of this posting, there was a 25% off deal for any of these new CBD products on their website, too.

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