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TERN Bikes Means Business with E-Cargo Bike Solutions!

Tern X Carla Cargo trailer
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The Urban Mobility specialist, Tern Bicycles has been in the news a lot these last couple o’ weeks with launches of a few really cool new bikes… like it’s some kind of Launch-a-Palooza over there! But this news is a bit different.

As most of us know, E-bikes can be a blast to ride, making it easier for some to commute on, ride on mountainous terrain, or run errands around town, resulting in #onelesscar on the road. But, there is another, often overlooked value to the e-bike, its value to businesses.

Using e-bikes as a way to deliver goods/services and cargo, provides a powerful tool that can help businesses be more efficient by saving money on initial vehicle costs, drastically reducing vehicle maintenance costs, and parking costs, no licensing could mean easier hiring and simpler logistics, healthier employees could result in less sick days, and zero-emission vehicles to help the environment.

It’s like a triple win… company cuts costs, improving profit = win, employee health and wellbeing is boosted = win, and Mother Earth takes less of a hit = win…

With the focus on E-Cargo bike solutions, Tern is launching a range of products to help companies utilize the e-bike to make deliveries. Optimized for last-mile delivery, Tern’s products range from light and fast setups for food delivery to heavy-duty parcel delivery with loads up to 150kg and 1.5 cubic meters.

What is last-mile delivery?

Well in really simple terms, it’s about the journey a product takes from the warehouse to the truck, to the customer. The “last mile” of the delivery is the last step — the step at which the package finally arrives at the buyer’s door. It is said in “logistics” circles that, in addition to being the utmost important part of customer satisfaction, the last-mile delivery is both the costliest and most time-consuming part of the shipping process.

Tern X carla Cargo, stacked containers
Photo c. Tern Bicycles Heavy-duty parcel delivery.

Tern’s Business Project Manager, Michael McManus says, “For dense and crowded cities, e-cargo bikes are often the best way to get things delivered.” He continued, “E-cargo bikes can make more deliveries per hour because they aren’t as affected by traffic, have more route options, and can park closer to the pickup and delivery point. Logistics companies also gain by being able to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Benefits to the community include reductions in traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution. ”

Tern X Pizza Delivery
Delivering pizza.
Tern X Carla Cargo w/ bike boxes
Haulin’ with a Carla Cargo trailer attached.

Let’s take a look at Tern’s new e-cargo-specific accessories!

Tern Cargo Boxes

Tern Cargo Accessories
Tern Cargo Accessories. The Cargo Boxes

“Tern’s new Cargo Boxes are optimized for multiple-stop deliveries in the city, like postal or parcel delivery. Made in France, the customized boxes feature theft security with the riveted metal wall construction and a locking lid and are fully weatherproof.

The Cargo Box 300 is designed for the GSD and has a capacity of approximately 300 liters. It is designed for heavy cargo and packages, with internal shelving that helps organize the interior space for parcels of different sizes. The Cargo Box 37 measures 30 x 40 cm and is designed for the Transporteur Rack, which can be fitted to the front of any of Tern’s cargo bikes.”

Cargo Kickstand

Tern E-cargo Kickstand
The Cargo Kickstand
Tern E-cargo Kickstand stability
Loading cargo, bike stability is important.

“When loading or unloading cargo on a bicycle, stability is key. Heavy items or unbalanced loads can cause a bike to tip over if it doesn’t have a properly designed kickstand. Tern Lockstand QuadStruts are designed for the GSD e-cargo bike and add an additional pair of “legs” to the kickstand for best-in-class stability. This patented four-legged kickstand design supports up to 100 kg (220 lb). The QuadStruts work in tandem with the existing Atlas Lockstand on the GSD, so engaging and disengaging is as easy as using a regular kickstand.

Since the bike industry lacks an official kickstand standard, Tern worked with EFBE, a leading German testing laboratory, to develop a custom kickstand test for the Lockstand QuadStruts. The kickstand passes 30,000 engage/disengage cycles with a load of 100 kg, which would approximate 3 years of hard, daily, commercial usage at max loading.”

Carla Cargo Adaptors

Tern X Carla trailer adaptors

Tern X Carla cargo trailers

Tern x Carla Cargo Trailers

“Germany-based Carla Cargo makes some of the most popular commercial bicycle trailers in the world. Their trailer can be loaded with up to 150 kg or 1.5 m³ when attached to the GSD; this puts the combined cargo capacity into the territory of a large SUV or small van.

Tern has designed custom adapters to attach a Carla Cargo trailer to their GSD, HSD, and Quick Haul cargo bikes”.

Tern FleetTracker

 “A fleet of e-cargo bikes is a valuable asset that needs to be tracked, maintained, and used efficiently. Tern’s new FleetTracker by WeMo is designed for this and includes a telematics box and a cloud-based software platform for complete fleet management. Tern partnered with WeMo Scooter, a company that operates a fleet of 10,000 shared e-scooters in Taiwan, to develop FleetTracker.”

FleetTracker features include:

  • Telematics Box: Always-on 4G cellular connectivity for security and location tracking
    Remote read of e-bike data including ODO and Battery %.
    Sensors for and remote notification of collisions.
    Power from Bosch battery.
    Backup battery for GPS location tracking and theft tracking.
    Over-the-air updates to add additional functions over time
  • Cloud-based Software Platform
    Live location tracking for each bicycle in the fleet.
    Geo-fencing for alerts if bicycles move outside of the designated service area.
    Home Storage alerts to make sure all bikes are back at home at a designated time.
    Operational history for each bike.
    Maintenance history for each bike.
    AI-driven preemptive maintenance planning
Tern says their GSD, HSD, Quick Haul and Short Haul bikes can help organizations gain a competitive edge by integrating bikes into their business operations. To learn more about Tern’s Commercial Solutions, visit ternbusiness.com
All new Tern Business products are available in Q3/2022.
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