It’s been teased for almost a month, but Zwift’s latest map expansion is finally open for business riding. Modeled after the big cities of Japan, Neokyo offers a fun, vibrant feel plus eight new routes.

Zwift Neokyo update

Hidden within the world of the Makuri Islands and doubling it in size, Neokyo offers a completely different experience with huge buildings, wild neon lighting, and a dazzling arcade that’s comically filled with “arcade games”—bikes on stationary trainers in front of a screen.

In total, there are eight new routes, with the longest offering 20.2 miles and 2,261ft of climbing. Neokyo is fairly compact, so the longer routes will loop around a few times, sometimes climbing into the rooftops.


Take to the upper city where you will race along city railways and rooftops.
Distance: 3.8 mi // 6.1 km, Elevation Gain: 226 ft // 68.9 m


Feel the burn as you climb to the top of Neokyo, scaling rooftops and monorails on the way.
Distance: 2.3 mi // 3.7 km, Elevation Gain: 16.7 ft // 5.1 m


Paint the town as you dominate three sprints along this flat route through the city.
Distance: 8.9 mi // 14.4 km, Elevation Gain: 474.7 ft // 144.7 m


Keep that heart racing as you complete four sprints in a single route.
Distance: 7.6 mi // 12.3 km, Elevation Gain: 157 ft // 51.5 m


Explore everything that Neokyo has to offer including four sprints and a KOM along this challenging route.
Distance: 15.1 mi // 24.3 km, Elevation Gain: 562.3 ft // 171.3 m


Make your way through the heart of the city as you wind along this fast route.
Distance: 5.7 mi // 9.2 km, Elevation Gain: 268 ft // 81.7 m


This long flatter route will take you from the scenic countryside to the bustling city.
Distance: 16 mi // 25.7 km, Elevation Gain: 866 ft // 264 m


From downtown rooftops to mystical temples, grind to complete three KOM’s in a single route.
Distance: 20.2 mi // 32.5 km, Elevation Gain: 2,261.2 ft // 689.2 m
Zwift Neokyo update nya cat
Zwift Neokyo update thing?
The update for Zwift is available now—just plan ahead, it’s a big one.


  1. Dylan Sutton on

    There had better be vending machines with beer, hot and cold coffee and pokaris sweat on every street corner or I’ll be sorely disappointed!

  2. Czechmate on

    @Dylan Sutton: “Zwifting on a home trainer strengthens your legs. Disappointment strengthens your soul.” – ancient Japanese proverb.


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