Blktec debuted at Eurobike last year with some unique bolt-on handlebar/stem units, and they’re back with more of those this year. But, for this new aero road bar, they eschewed the bolts and adjustability altogether to save weight and improve aerodynamics.

This one’s still a prototype, final weights are TBD. By using a one-piece design, there’s no need to round off the center section, letting them cut drag by keeping the airfoil shape all the way across. And it’s made for Di2, with a clever port underneath for the junction box…


The wires run inside the bar and a Di2 or EPS junction box would hide inside the stem, accessible through that cover plate.


The X3 mountain bike handlebar uses the same bolt-on design as the road bars they launched with.


It’s a full carbon monocoque construction that weighs in at a claimed 300g for both pieces. You’ll still have 5º of angle adjustment.


Their C1 line of full carbon, one-piece wheels gains a clincher version.


It’s a 45mm deep, 25mm wide aero rim that’s molded to the spokes, which are molded to the hub. Weight for the wheelset is a claimed 1350g.


Fresh graphics decorate the inside of the spokes and match the rest of the components.


  1. anonymous on

    You cut the steerer at a angle and tighten the top cap, so it expands like a quill stem, except in this case it’s a quill steerer.

  2. keville on

    Is 1350g really light enough to get even pro teams interested in wheels where the spokes are *molded* to the rim *and* hub?


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