The all-conditions Vee Tire Co. Apache road bike tire will soon be available in a wider 28mm size, joining the original 23 and 25 introduced at Eurobike last year. It’ll be available with and without their Synthesis sidewall, a premium offering that blends better rubber compounds to both improve durability and feel and drop a few grams.

But that mere 3mm growth pales in comparison to the gargantuan jump from a 4.8 to 5.05 for their Snowshoe 2XL fat bike tire. It simply has to be seen to believed…


It might be the world’s first modern over-five-inch-wide bicycle tire, and while these pictures give a hint, if you have a chance to see on in person, you won’t be disappointed. Big, stupid grin guaranteed.


The tread pattern differs from the standard Snowshoe XL 4.8, using a more open center section without the ramped paired knobs in the middle. The transition knobs are longer and more paddle like, and the side knobs are parallel to the bead with reinforcing ribs.


This is it next to the Trax Fatty 27.5 x 3.0. So, yes, a 26 x 5.05 absolutlely dwarfs a 3.0″ tire on a larger rim diameter.


Here’s the comparison side by side.


And here’s the standard Snowshoe XL for tread patter comparison and to see the studded option. This model comes in optional Silica White, which forgoes the black carbon to enhance snow traction. More details on this and the Trax Fatty here.


Those 27.5+ tires were mounted to a Turner, which they hinted might have a modded rear end to accommodate the wider tire. The fork is quite obviously a standard model, check the clearance in the side by side front view above. As for the rear, here’s a close up, you be the judge:


We’ve reached out to Turner for comment and will update if we hear back.


  1. Skeeter on

    Seeing is… seeing… the 5.05″ must be MEASURED to be believed, especially after my 4.0 VEE 8s on 80mm rims measure 3.6″. I’m quite happy to see more fat tire options, especially studded ones.

  2. radeus on

    All I care about is learning more about that honey-colored, vans-sole like honey-comb-to-the-rim tire in the background of the first pic!

  3. hed1fsu on

    Anyone notice the cult bmx tire in the top pic.. with the vans waffle tread? Didn’t know they made tires for that many companies. Good to see ’em coming out as their own brand.

  4. Tad Dickman on

    I don’t know why Vee insists on putting that stupid texture in between the knobs. It makes them terrible at shedding mud or snow.


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