Wheeler is a Taiwanese brand with distribution throughout much of the world, including a U.S. agent despite the limited presence here. Most of the bikes on their website are mid-level, with a few slick looking full suspension mountain bikes and aero road bikes topping things out. For Taipei, they had several new models across new-for-them categories that featured some nice details.

The Thirtysixxer was rightly placed at the corner of their booth, suckering me in for a closer look…


36×2.1 tires for the win.


On the more practical side is this smooth titanium 29er hardtail with rigid carbon fork.


Larger sections at the outside of the bottom bracket shell reinforce it for the bearings, and the rest is whittled down. Perhaps it’s mostly cosmetic, but that’s OK by us.



Ti dropouts with thru-axle and direct-mount rear derailleur all built in.



This cyclocross bike also uses a ti frame with carbon fork, and adds Shimano’s new flat brake mounts.


If only Shimano had some of their new flat-mount calipers ready for the show. In the meantime, there’s always adapters.



It shares the same BB shell design and adds some very curvy stays.



A fat bike and upright city bike rounded out the collection.



  1. Ryan on

    Ever since I saw Waltworks’ 36’er, I’ve wanted to take one for a spin to see how they feel.

    Also, would have liked to have seen a singlespeed specific version of that rigid 29r.

  2. Veganpotter on

    I’d love to have a 36″ bike too. The geometry would have to be way different than that bike though. I couldn’t imagine having such a steep seat tube angle. Its really the only way to have a short wheelbase AND reasonable BB height without an insanely curved seat tube which can be done…or you have to make the already long wheelbase, even longer.

  3. ascar larkinyar on

    love me to get a 36er!!!!

    but that one looks like it has a tiny cockpit and crazy toe lap. not to mention fork brake wobbles

    maybe just not that one then….

  4. Rico on

    Sweet 36″ wheels! Make some road bikes with ~31″ road wheels, and a geometry to match. Sort of the revers of what manufacturers do for little guys and women with 650 wheels and small frames. Keeping it ALL in proportion is the future, and multiple wheel sizes are critical imo. Giant frames on small wheels are so lame.


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