While still designed and intended only for their bikes, the new bar-mounted form factor for Argon18’s incredible drag detection system is looking more and more like it could mount to any bike.

As is, the wind speed sensor protruding from the front combines data with up to 22 total sensors on the bike and you to determine the CDA, or Coefficient of Drag Area. In other words, how much drag you and the bike are producing in the real world. That number can then be displayed in real time, allowing you to test equipment, clothing, gear and body position to find your optimal setup.

They are actively developing the project, but still aren’t ready to lay down a production date. But, they did say that all of their bikes will incorporate compatibility for the system as they’re reworked for coming model years. In the meantime, check out the wild concept bike that introduced this system last fall!



  1. ME on

    Very cool idea. It’s a pitot tube. I had a similar idea during my undergrad, but (if I remember correctly) pitot tubes are only accurate at yaw angles of about 15 degrees to the left and to the right. Which means the readings would be inaccurate if there were a side wind. Maybe the other 22 sensors account for this? Either way, very cool tech and cool to see argon 18 innovate like this.


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