The KS LEV Ci carbon post started out as a 65mm travel dropper post for XC, now they’ve added a full range of travel options, including 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and a massive new 175mm. It’s their premium option, with all the gram shaving details, hence the the $570-$620 price range. Details and more below…

The LEV Ci models get Lightweight cable housing, Powercordz cable and their carbon KGSL remote. Those, plus a hi-mod carbon mast and seat cradle with titanium hardware, add up to a  100mm drop version under 400g (with remote and cable), which is more than 100g lighter than the standard LEV. 

They’re working on a 27.2 version, too, that’ll probably have different lengths and travel options.

The 175mm travel option arrived at that number because some other brand has a 170, so, you know, bigger is better. Look for that on the non-carbon LEV posts, too.

Not new but worth pointing out again now that the whole gravel scene is blowing up. Their road dropper post sits flush in the frame and you trim the stanchion. The seat mast clamps on and has a little bit of height adjustment should you change saddles, shoes or pedals and need to tweak your saddle height. You can also raise the main body up out of the frame a little.


  1. silverlining on

    Kudos for KS trimming weight. Most posts are now pretty reliable, so making them lighter seems logical. Two of my bikes are 27.2 post size, and I’d put a dropper on both if they were light enough and aesthetically clean. Check and check. Hurry up with 27.2 KS!

  2. arp on

    Reducing weight is a logical next step in the evolution of dropper posts so that they are more palatable on xc race builds, light trail builds, and off-road road segment. I hope Fox enters into the mix though because I have not had good experiences with KS posts.

  3. Chase on

    FWIW- I have had 3 KS Lev’s all have performed flawlessly for several years now. I probably need to service them now that I said that.

  4. shafty on

    How about they make the dampers serviceable? As soon as it goes bad, you’ll need to return the post to them(if it’s under warranty!), or buy a new one and have it installed. It can’t be a complex damper, so I don’t understand the secrecy.

  5. Yus on

    175mm is completely uneeded. It’s like the wide bar trend. There is definitely something there, but it often hits a ridiculous extreme just to adhere to what people think they need to ride optimally.

  6. Troy on

    I’ve got a 2017 xtc advanced 3. Does anyone know anyone who has a 27.2 dropper on one? I could use some hearsay or better for perspective.

  7. Mickus on

    Like a large number of people (if forums are any indication), I’ll settle for a 125mm drop 27.2 post with the KS cable routing that doesn’t cost as much as Thomson. Don’t care about the weight.


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