At Eurobike last year, MRP introduced drop-in Ramp Control Cartridges for their own Ribon fork and select Rockshox 32mm and 35mm stanchion and Fox 34 forks. Then they added models for additional Rockshox forks, and now they’re rounding out the line to include Fox 32 and 36 forks. The RCC is a self contained volume adjustment system that gives external control with infinite adjustment between the end ranges. This, opposed to the spacer system (tokens, etc), gives you much finer control over the volume, which lets you change how quickly the fork ramps up throughout its stroke. Download our free Suspension Setup Guide to learn more about how air volume affects the ride, and pop past the break for more about the cartridges…

The hole at the bottom let’s air flow freely into and out of the cartridge. Inside is a piston that moves up or down the full range of the cartridge, effectively changing the volume of the total air chamber.

Their placard didn’t call out the new models, but they introduced a new version for Fox 32 forks at the show, and they’ll have a version for Fox 36 soon.


    • Jake on

      It’s definitely cheaper to just add or subtract spacers, but as far as tunability, Ramp Control can’t be beat. I played with it on a MRP Stage fork on a demo bike. Did two runs at the bike park. First run was down some steep rocky trails so I dialed in a lot of ramp up. Next run was on a more flowy trail, so I made it a little more linear. The fork was fantastic in both situations and I completed the whole process sitting on the chairlift. I’m getting a bike with a 36 soon, so I’ll be interested in how much the cartridge for that will cost.

  1. Noah on

    We think Ramp Control is a better way to tune vs. volume reduction. Reducing the volume of your air spring (as you do with volume spacers/tokens) results in a very progressive ending stroke spring curve at all compression speeds and flattens your beginning and mid stroke. With Ramp Control you get the benefit of a larger-volume air-spring (more coil-like) but with a tunable about of high-speed compression damping/bottom-out control.

    Fox 36 kits will be out soon and will retail for $179.95 in the U.S. – more than the other cartridges because they include more parts and give you even more tunability. This kit separates the positive and negative chambers, mimicking the functionality of our Fulfill air-spring and letting you vary the pressure in your positive and negative chambers. Slightly higher pressure in your negative chamber will give you improved small-bump and initial stroke performance. That coupled with ending-stroke tuning provided by Ramp Control will give you a much more sophisticated air-spring.


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