FSA’s Vision Metron 4D aero handlebar gets a new “Flat” variant that creates a wider, flatter top section that integrates aero extension mount, making it the perfect bar for roadies that do the occasional TT or triathlon but need a standard shifter-lever set up for the weekend group rides. Details, plus new aero hydration options and fresh goods from Funn, Hollywood Racks and Jeff Jones, below…

The Vision Metron 4D Flat bar has a compact 125mm drop and 80mm reach, with a 2º outward bend, and comes in 40, 42 and 44 cm widths, all of which flare an additional 10mm at the tips. The mounts for their Modular Aero System components get a rubber cover to smooth appearances when not in use.

Once you’ve got those aero extensions on, there are two new bottle options to keep you hydrated.

The torpedo shaped one gets a quick fill cover on the front and integrated computer mounting perch that’s round like a bar so you can strap any brand mount to it.

The taller one also uses a quick fill hatch in the front but adds a storage caddy in the back for gels, etc. It’s not as deep, so they offer a more integrated computer mount that bolts between the arm rests. Or, swap that front section for a fill hatch with built-in out-front mount or bar-style universal mount. Check them out at VisiontechUSA.com.


Jeff Jones has introduced the SG Loop H-Bar, with the first bit referring to the “straight gauge” tubing used to save costs. This puts the bar in at just $79 retail, but it’s 100g heavier than the butted version. Claimed weight is 625g for the 710mm size.

They’ve offered foam grips for a while, and those remain Jones’ favorites, but they’ll soon have new Craton rubber grips for those who want something a little easier to install and longer lasting. Coming soon, price TBD.

Lastly, they have new Truss Fork Packs from Revelate that are made specifically to fit their signature truss fork. Look for the pair to run $250.


The Black Ace carbon handlebar we saw at Eurobike is now available, and for Taipei Cycle Show, Funn MTB announced that the Fatboy is dead. While its is, um, unfortunate, the Kingpin is happy to take its place. They took what they liked about the Fatboy Supreme and made it better to warrant the new name. This means triple butting and an ultra fine bead blasted finish. And colors. Look for two diameters, each with unique options.. The 35mm diameter bar comes in three heights -30mm rise (315g), 15mm rise (305g) and 7mm rise (295g)- with a width of 785mm. The 31.8 clamp diameter model gets two versions – an 810mm width with 15mm (295g) and 7mm (290g) rises, and a 785mm width with 30mm (295g) and 15mm (290g) rises.

Their Zippa Lite chain guides gain BSA threaded bottom bracket and e-Bike versions. The BSA model covers chainring tooth counts from 26-38, and the e-bike version covers 32-40 teeth with two versions, both exclusively for the Shimano E8000 motor system.

Also exclusively for Shimano si the new Slingshot 50-tooth cassette adapter. They’ll have an 18-tooth intermediate cog available, too, letting you add a much taller low end to your stock 11-42 cassette.

The new Skinny mountain bike saddles get weather resistant vinyl leather uppers, chromoly rails and a weight of 235g. Dimensions are 280mm x 144mm.


None of those components do ya much good if you can’t get them to the trail, so Hollywood Racks has added an entirely new model for the modern crop of wider, fatter, bigger bikes. The new TRS range (for “Tire Retention System”) upgrades from their top-tube-holding versions to a tray-style rack that clamps only to the tires. What’s new are a few nifty features that keep it extra frame friendly and upgrade proof. As in, it’ll continue to work with whatever bike you upgrade to.

As long as it has a max of 4.5″ tires, anyway, which should cover the vast majority of us. The tire hook has been double bent, which takes a lot longer and is more expensive to product, but lets it work with forks like the Bluto that have an extremely wide crown.

On the trays, they do more than just cradle the tire. There’s a multi-point Velcro strap system that helps keep the bike in place, and then the tire “hooks” fold out of the way for storage.


  1. JBikes on

    i have jones h-bars, used them for about 1 year and do not like. For me they just do not have many comfortable hand positions regardless of how many positions one can physically place their hands.
    After using them, I’ve come to respect the simple ingenuity that is the drop bar or a nice flat bar. They look cool in a “I’m a serious bike hipster” kinda way though as they don’t come stock on many bikes and most people will never have heard of Jones. They are also insanely priced for what they are but cost is relative to the buyer.

    My 0.02 – try them for a couple weeks if possible.

  2. ATBScott on

    Been riding Jones bars for over seven years, and I happen to love them – but they may not be for everyone… I have only had two customers in 6 years say “Nope” and quite a few that have made the move. Still, best to try them out and see if they work for you. I have to admit that I don’t use too many of the ‘alternate’ hand positions, but can ride in the normal grip for hours.


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