OK, so you’re obviously going to have to change a couple things to add a cog to your mountain bike, but SEQlite’s new wide range cassette makes it as easy as possible by letting you keep your existing hubs, chain, cranks and rear derailleur. All you need to swap are the cassette and shifter.

Since it’s based around standard 11-speed cog spacing, you can’t just add a SRAM Eagle shifter, you’ll need to get the Chosen A12 shifter we spotted a couple years back when they made a conversion kit (theirs required a proprietary hub, though). After that, just throw the beautifully machined SEQlite 12-speed cassette onto your 11-speed bike…

Depending on your setup, they make models for both Shimano freehubs and SRAM XD driver bodies. If you’re running Shimano, you’ll get an 11-48 span. Thread it onto the SRAM XD Driver body and it’ll drop down to a 9-48, which should give you about the same range as Eagle. Claimed weight is 315g for the Shimano model, and 375g for SRAM XD (that’s about 15-20g heavier than an Eagle cassette). The lower 8 cogs are machined from chromoly steel, the upper four are from 7075 alloy. Pricing TBD.

If you’re happy with 11-speeds, they also make machined cassettes with 11-speeds for Shimano freehub bodies with 11-42 (280g), 11-46 (300g), and 11-48 (310g) spreads. We’ve tested one of these in the 10-speed variant and it’s held up very well to miles and miles of race and recreational use.



  1. Marin on

    Cool, but what about prices?
    Also, how is XD cassette heavier than Shimano considering it doesn’t have bigger cogs.

  2. me on

    I run a 10sp 11-42 cassette from Seqlite. Fair price and nice finish with an internal carbon forged carrier….pretty cool stuff.

  3. J D on

    How is there not a cottage industry for the innards of twist grip shifters to easily mod them to take any amount of gears the consumer wants?

    Didn’t campy do something similar when they when to 11spd where you could just purchase the ratcheting plate?

  4. Mikey on

    Those 11-speed cassettes are all lighter than an 11-40 XTR! Definitely interesting, especially if the price is lower than XTR.


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