Introduced just more than a year ago, the SpeedX Leopard sprinted past with intense smart sensor technology integrations on the brand’s first bike. The aero frame now gets a disc brake version, which we think only makes it smarter.

It also gets the newest version of their SpeedForce cycling computer, with its refined stem interface and more options…

The frame is made up of plenty of Toray T1000 hi-mod carbon, which makes for a stiff frame.

No rim brake on the back of the fork crown gives it a much cleaner transition into the twisted angles of the downtube…which hides the internal Di2 battery if so equipped. They’re offering two complete builds, one with Shimano 105, the other with Ultegra Di2.

The rear end looks similar since the rim brake was already tucked under the chainstay.

The SpeedX SpeedForce computer and stem combo gets a makeover, becoming slimmer and light. It runs on an Android OS and can read data from ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, including the integrated power meter on their versatile Unicorn road bike model. Put it with their smartphone app (or Apple Watch app) and it’ll sync with Strava, too.

For folks already in love with a Garmin, there’s a new out-front mount that slots directly into the stem so you can keep most of the aesthetic.


  1. Andrew on

    What a waste of money.

    Also – doesn’t that rear tire look awfully close to the connection of the two seatstays?

  2. Mortimer on

    “Disc brakes make it smarter”. That’s a dumb comment unless referring to “smart looks”. Yes disc are the thing to push to sell more bikes right now. I for one am not convinced – especially it really is just about vanity.

  3. Crash Bandicoot on

    Sorry but outside of an integrated cycling computer running android, what is actually special about this bike/brand? This just looks like another Private label open mold frameset slapped with some surplus 6870.

  4. Astiz on

    You can’t make an entire bike of Torayca T1000 it’s too much rigid and frangile, it’s only to reinforce stress areas.

  5. Swinnie on

    I built one the other day for a customer who brought it in to us, The quality of the bike was so poor, the wheels had delamination all over them weight was around 9kg for a 54 with full di2 and carbon wheels. Alot more control on the quality is needed. on the plus side it did look amazing!


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