With a recent update to work with Wahoo’s more affordable Snap, TrainerRoad promised a further revamp to their desktop software this fall. Now, you can grab the beta version for Windows and give it a test ride.

The updated version will offer new or improved features like Video Rides, Training Plan Selection, Support for CompuTrainer, PowerBeam Pro, Cycleops 300/400 and legacy Elite trainers, and Social Sharing. Click here for the intro page and to find a download link. The beta is for PC/Windows only. They do offer a Mac version, but there’s no Mac beta for this update.

Their cycling-only training plans will get a boost soon, adding triathlon plans with running and swimming workout notes built onto the cycling portion. They’re developed by in-house tri coach Chad Timmerman.

Lastly, they’ve launched the Ask A Cycling Coach podcast, giving you the chance to ask them anything and have your answers come in a weekly podcast. Hit up their Blog for links to the episodes with topics lists.


  1. WV Cycling on

    If you could utilize ***GPX/TCX routes*** on this, I would subscribe to it without hesitation. Still holding out and wanting to buy PerfPro.

    For windows computer users (rather than smartphone) – what are your preferred software pieces?

    Yes, I’ve read DCRainmaker several (SEVERAL TIMES), but still holding out hoping something better pops up.

  2. ben on

    It’s acutally pretty easy to use a gpx route, just sign up for BestBikeSplit (free), upload your route, create the power profile at the appropriate intensity, and downloaded it in the appropriate format for trainerroad. Works awesome for prepping for specific races.

  3. cerebis on

    Hope the native OSX client becomes a reality, the new layout is quite nice.

    Tried this current beta (and the last) within a Win10 virtual machine on a Mac and it is probably too laggy to use, but to be honest there is already noticeable lag for the base Win10 VM on my regularly used test hardware. Certainly more than previous versions of Windows — MS ahem!

    Besides resorting to a VM just to have a go, viable virtualisation is handy in a studio setting. Then again, I don’t think TR has yet addressed the general studio context anyhow, where a different pricing model might be a better fit.

    Cool software though. Personally used the older client a fair bit and considered it probably the best alternative.


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