More and more people seem to be ordering products online to avoid having to go out in public. You can now add Trek Bicycles to that list of products as well. Similar to what we’ve seen from other brands like Salsa, Trek has updated their online sales and delivery process to allow you to shop for your new bike without ever leaving your house.

For a limited time, you’ll be able to pick out your bike online, purchase it, and then select free home delivery in the checkout process. At that point, you’ll be able to select a local retailer that is offering the program who will then professionally assemble your bike it it isn’t already built and on the shop floor. From there, they’ll arrange delivery to your home based on your needs – they can drop it off on the front or back porch, at the curb, etc. The same retailers will also offer free curbside pickup at the shop as well. Most importantly, Trek states that the dealer will still get credit for the sale, so it seems like everyone wins.

Check out the details and start shopping below.

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