As the Official Tour Operator for the Tour de France and the Trek-Segafredo Racing Team, Trek Travel is now hosting cycling trips that allow guests to experience the race like never before. Between daily rides participants will have VIP access for race viewing, interaction with members of the race team, chances to ride actual stages of the race course, and of course Trek Domane SL7 road bikes to ride.

The 2018 Tour de France runs July 7-29th, and five different trips are planned for the second and third weeks of the race. Trek even has two non-riding packages that give you a few days to explore Paris and the chance to see the race’s big finish.

Week 2 Trips:

Trek Travel Tour de France trips 2018, scenery

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The Etape du Tour is a six-day, five night trip taking place July 4-9th. Beginning and ending in Annecy, France, this trip gives riders the chance to ride a real stage of the Tour while the competitors are taking a rest day. The rides vary between 24-55 miles in length, with up to 23,000ft of climbing. One of those rides is Stage 10 of the Tour, where riders can find out how they stack up against the pros! Prices start at $4,899 USD (all prices are per person).

On The Alps tour, guests get to view the finish of Stage 10 from an open-topped bus, and ride over the finish line of Stage 12 in Alpe d’Huez themselves. There’s also some behind-the-scenes action with Trek-Segafredo team riders included. This trip is a six day, five night package that runs from July 16-21st. The tour begins in Annecy and ends in Grenoble, France. Daily rides stretch from 17-55 miles, and you’ll climb 27,000ft of vertical. Pricing starts at $7,699.

Trek Travel Tour de France trips 2018, team with bike

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If you’re curious about what’s it’s really like to be professional road racer, the Annecy to Alpe d’Huez tour might be your top choice. This tour includes an evening with Jens Voight, where he shares his personal tales of competing in the Tour de France. Once everyone’s inspired the rides take guests over several Alps climbs, culminating with a finish at the top of the Alpe d’Huez. This trip covers six days and five nights from July 16-21st, starting in Annecy and finishing in Grenoble, France. The rides range from 10-45 miles with 24,000ft of climbing. Packages start at $7,299, and availability is limited.

Week 3 Trips:

Trek Travel Tour de France trips 2018, racer climbing

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For a longer experience that stretches into week 3 of the Tour, the Epic Climbs trip is an 11 day, 10 night tour that links together seven legendary mountain climbs. Aside from the riding, guests will enjoy close-up race viewing of Stages 12 and 19, and get to ride across the finish line of Stage 19 in Lourdes. The trip takes place from July 18-28th, starting in Grenoble and ending in Pau, France. Riders will cover between 10-45 miles daily, with around 24,000ft of climbing. The Epic Climbs trips start at $5,999.

The Pyrenees to Paris trip celebrates the huge mountain climbs that racers have to tackle amid the Tour de France. Guests on this tour will also get to ride these infamous ascents, and ride cross the finish line of Stage 16. When not riding, there will be cocktails with the Trek-Segafredo team and a VIP invitation from the Automobile Club de France to view the Paris Race Finale. The trip covers eight days and seven nights, from July 23-30. Riders will start in Pau and end in Paris, France. Ride routes are 21-56 miles long, and there’s 28,000ft of climbing to conquer. This trip starts at $7,899.

Trek Travel Tour de France trips 2018, pack chasing scooter

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If you’d rather not ride, but instead spend a few days in Paris watching the end of the Tour de France, Trek Travel is offering a three night Paris Finishing Package. Guests will stay at the four-star Hotel Westin Paris-Vendome, receive a four-day Paris Pass that affords entrance to over 60 attractions and museums, plus a guided tour of the city. You’ll also get to attend Trek Travel’s finishing party at the Automobile Club de Paris, all for $2,499.

Finally, Trek Travel is offering passes to a Paris Viewing Event to be held at the Automobile Club de Paris. For $525, you’ll enjoy food and drinks while watching the Tour from a private balcony that overlooks the Champs Elysees.



    • William on

      Trek Travel and the Trek racing team are two completely separate companies. The access that you get with the Trek team during one of the race trips is quite amazing. Super awesome organization.

  1. Bob on

    Do these trips come with complimentary EPO or is that in an add-on package? Or, do you only get that if you order the steak for dinner?


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