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Trickstuff whips out a new hydraulic brake headset spinner

bmx style headset spinner brake puller for hydraulic rear disc brakes
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Need to spin your handlebars a full 360º and still have hydraulic rear disc brakes? The new Trickstuff spinner headset will do just that, as soon as this V.3 edition has all its seals worked out. The tricky part is having seals that are tight enough to keep the hydraulic brake fluid in, but still let the bar spin freely.

trickstuff hydraulic rear brake headset spinner

This prototype worked, but the friction when spinning the bars around was a little more than they’d like. It did spin all the way around, and quickly enough to probably get a simple trick off, but there’s room for improvement.

Trickstuff headset spinner lets you use hydraulic disc brakes in the rear and still spin your handlebar 360 degrees

The part works by feeding the hose into the top section and letting the fluid enter the body through one port. That port sends fluid into the middle section, which is carved out all the way around. Fluid then exits another port and into the hose leading to the rear brake. Stay tuned for progress on this, and check back in a couple weeks as we visit their Eurobike booth for more new goodies.



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5 years ago

Sorry but that’s just a silly idea. Why not have two isolated pistons work in unison against a bearing. That way your relying on seals that wear out.

5 years ago
Reply to  BMX

I was thinking the same thing. Seals with low enough drag to allow a bar to spin freely yet seal brake fluid has got to be a tricky balance. Although U-cup seals would work well here. I doubt you’d be applying the brakes while spinning the bar that often. But it might also be a very strange sensation for your headset to tighten up every time you brake….

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