Barely a day has gone by since Black Forest dwellers, Tune, announced the official release (finally) of their new 246g ULImited Prince and Princess road hubset. Now, they’ve laced those ultra lightweight hubs to a 20mm carbon rim with SAPIM CX-Super Aero spokes, resulting in this 700c wheelset weighing a claimed 1,053g. 

Tune Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited Road Wheelset 

tune schwarzbrenner 20 disc ulimited rear wheel lightweight alloy hubshell sapim cx aero spokes

The new Tune Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited Road Wheelset sits alongside their Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc Skyline wheelset, running the same 20mm carbon rim with 21.6mm internal width. The difference between the two is 110g, with the new ULImited Prince and Princess hubs, as well as the lighter spokes contributing to that significant weight saving.

tune schwarzbrenner 20 disc princess alloy carbon hubshell

The SAPIM CX-Super Aero Spokes are sublimated by carbon ties—a must to maintain lateral stiffness on superlight build sets

The new ULImited hubset is made out of the latest generation of aerospace aluminium that is 10% lighter than the usual alloys. The hubs run on lightweight ceramic bearings. The rear Prince hub gets aluminum end caps while the front Princess hub gets carbon ones with a carbon reinforcement ring.

tune schwarzbrenner 20 disc ulimited carbon road wheelset lightweight

Twenty-four SAPIM CX-Super Aero spokes lace the ULImited hubs to the carbon rim, laced in a 2 cross pattern. The rim itself has a 19.3mm height, 26.4mm outer width and 21.6mm internal width, designed to work best with tires from 25mm to 32mm wide. Tune say those dimensions give rise to a rim that is vertically compliant and impact resistant, thus, very comfortable and ideal for vibration damping.

tune princess center lock road hub uli edition high grade aluminum alloy hub shell

If you’re after a more colorful setup from Tune, you’ll have to settle for the heavier (but still pretty light) Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc Skyline wheelset

The Tune Schwarzbrenner 20 Disc ULImited Road Wheelset is available with silver hubs only, with founder Uli Fahl’s face etched into them. Freewheel compatibility covers Campagnolo 10-11-12 speed 3T, SH-HG10/11 6T, Campagnolo N3W 3T, XT/XTR 6T and MicroSpline 3T. Rear wheels start at 586g while front wheels start at 467g, retailing at €1,724 and €1,809.50, respectively.

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4 months ago

Based on the pictures, can I assume these wheels are built with Stans CB7 carbon rims?

Ryan Mason
4 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Wondering the same

4 months ago

I think this “XT/XTR 6T” is supposed to be XD/XDR 6T