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Twitter HQ Auction Includes Two $4,000 Trainer Charging Desks, Starting at $25

Two older-generation Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge StationsTwo older-generation Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge Stations from Twitter's upcoming auction. Photo: Heritage Global Partners
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The ongoing contretemps over at Twitter certainly has a way of bleeding into almost every aspect of American life. So if you thought the recent changes there couldn’t possibly interact with the bicycle world, think again. Twitter’s upcoming office furniture auction includes two Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge Stations. The auctioneer Heritage Global Partners (HGP) has the stations grouped in the same lot, and the opening bid is $25.

Anyone who came of age in the eBay heyday knows the price won’t stay that way. The MSRP for one of Rock the Bike’s newer models is $4,025.

Twitter bicycle charging desk
The top of the Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge Station. The models Twitter is auctioning off are older-generation. For a peak at Rock the Bike’s updates, scroll down and watch the video. Photo: Heritage Global Partnerships

It’s a long way from $25 to $8,050. Could this be your chance to own one or both of these nifty gadgets?

The online auction begins Jan. 17 at 7:00 a.m. PST and runs until Jan. 18 at 10:00 a.m. PST. Note that per the auction page, you’ll have to arrange your own shipping. Also, “for items HGP cannot hand carry to the loading area, customers will need to hire Juniors Source Corporation. Juniors is the only company allowed inside the Twitter facility.”

Rock the Bike Fender Blender Pro Recharge Station Updates

The auction page doesn’t provide many details about the charging stations, but from the photographs, they appear to be older-generation models. The lot includes both the Fender Blender Pro frames and the older Recharge Station attachments.

Note that the system is modular. Fender Blender Pro frames can accommodate a variety of Rock the Bike devices, such as blenders. But Rock the Bike’s suite of accessories is proprietary — you can’t just slap them on top of any indoor bike trainer.

Rock the Bike’s updated Recharge Desk features wireless charging pads, a backlit skirt for those oh-so-important synergistic branding opportunities, and integrated screens. The new model also comes with USB-C charging capability, so it can power many types of laptops as well. Minimum wattage is 20 watts, and maximum wattage is between 200 and 300 watts. Oh yeah, and there’s a built-in fan.

Rock the Bike’s products are designed to facilitate social interaction in a break room, and as such, aren’t really built for all-day comfort. Contrast this to the recently unveiled Acer eKinekt Bike Desk, which seems dialed in for a long day in the office/bike saddle. The Acer device has a cup holder and three charging ports (one USB-C and two USB-A), and the desk can slide forward for quick power-peddling sessions. Acer is selling it for an MSRP of $999, and units start shipping in June 2023.

Until then, keep an eye on that Twitter auction, and snatch yourself a second-hand, older-generation Fender Blender Pro Recharge Station if the price stays reasonable.

Update: This story has been updated to correct the auction company name from Global Heritage Partnerships to the correct Heritage Global Partners.


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