Shimano Di2 9700 rear derailleur actual weight

So far, we’ve posted actual weights for the complete 2013 Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group and, thanks to our friends at Race Pace Bicycles, the weights of the new Di2 internal seatpost battery.

But, that bike came fully built, so we didn’t have individual component weights for the Di2 bits. Now we do, courtesy of Emiliano at Fair Wheel Bikes. They’re saying everything’s coming in under Shimano’s official claimed weights, too!

The Di2 9070 rear derailleur comes in at 213.4g, versus 160g for mechanical. Click through for the rest…

Shimano Di2 9700 front derailleur actual weight

Front derailleur is 106.5g, versus 60g for mech. So far, we’re +100g.

Shimano Di2 9700 shifter levers actual weight

The Di2 shifter/levers come in at just 230g for the pair. That’s 135g lighter than the mechanical version’s 365g, more than making up for the derailleurs. Of course, you’ll still have the battery, but the wires are lighter than the cables and housing.


  1. Di2Rider on

    Looks a tad lighter than my first gen Di2.
    I’m hoping to find anyone that has been able to hack first gen DA Di2 to shift 11.

  2. greg on

    hoods are very similar to the shape of the 7970. that said, the 7970 was the model for what the 9000 mechanical sti became. 9070 hood rubber is dual compound like the 9000, but the firmer rubber part is still a lot more pliable than the 9000 version.
    it is very, very nice. i have experience with 7970 and 9000, as well as 9070…

  3. Hannes on

    Hi All, Hi Editor’s,
    can you please ask your sources if the 9070 is able to be programmed for 10speed shifting. I have heard, especially from US colleagues, that this will be possible? Thanks+Br, Hannes

  4. Why bird on

    I still don’t see the point of electronic shifting. it weighs more, costs significantly more and doesn’t seem to offer any advantage over conventional shifters. Is it just for posers and triathletes?
    Won’t someone tell me what I’m missing

  5. zombieweekly on

    Hannes,from what I have gathered its possible to shift the Di2 Ultegra using 9070 shifter without any programming. The same was true with 9070 shifters working on Di2Ultegra without any firmware updates. But this might all change if and when Shimano chooses to release a firmware that will prohibit from any of these to keep on working. Tri/TT stuff seems to work too, its just buttons sending messages.

    They love their integration, as part of Shimano Totally Integrating yor budget with circles and triangles on compatability list.

  6. zombieweekly on

    Brandon, excuse me from budging in here but the levers are shaped bit differently. The brake levers are more ergonomically shaped and the shifting buttons themselves are bit larger compared to 7970 series to save riders from mis-shifting. Hope that helps.

  7. mateo on

    @ Hannes – wouldn’t that just be 6770? The rear der determines number of speeds, so you could use 9070 shifters with 6770 everything else. Not sure how much mixing of 10/11 speed drivetrain otherwise.

  8. Shengyuan on

    Hi anyone has any idea about the programming devices? i.e. SM-PCE1 and SM-BCR2. The two are both marked as a programming device for E-tube project. Then what’s the difference between them? BCR2 seems to have more functions than PCE1 which cost significantly more. Can BCR2 act as a charger for external battery as well? Though I saw no point charing an external battery via a junction box, I am still interested in knowing that.

  9. Matt on

    @Bird – from my experience (first generation dura ace Di2) the shifting is perfect everytime – everytime (so perfect that I sometimes need to look down to see if it actually shifted), there is automatic trim on the front derailluer and best of all, I can shift perfectly standing up, under full load and it is still perfect. Not to mention, the mechanical sound it makes is sweet and freaks other rides out when they hear it for the first time. Is that enough reason to switch from say the very nice shifting SRAM Red – maybe not, but price points are coming down for it (Ultrega) and I think you will see it signicantly more in the next couple of years.

    I am really hoping they bring this out for mountain bike soon.

  10. Matt on

    Oh, and to me, weight doesn’t mattter on a road bike. Seriously, who cares if your road bike is 14, or 15 or even 16 pounds.

  11. bin judgin on

    Also you can put this on a pile of junk Madone 7 series and it will actually shift the front chainrings. About the only thing that will if your frame doesn’t crack in 5 weeks before you get it into the big ring. Welcome to garbage frame productions!

  12. mateo on

    @Shengyuan – BCR2 is just the battery charger for the internal battery. For firmware updates and programming changes you need PCE1.

  13. Brandon on

    @matteo: can you confirm that? That’s an answer I’ve been looking for: is the 11 speed program in the derailleur or shifter? If I pair 6770 shifters with 9070 rear derailleur do I get 11 speed for sure?

  14. greg on

    for firmware updates, and customizing the shift actions, etc., you can use the bcr2 or the pce1. the only thing the bcr2 does not do that the pce1 does is diagnosis when you have something malfunctioning. it will test stuff out and give you a step by step on narrowing it all down. i consider myself very up to date on the latest goings-on with this stuff, but i didnt learn what i just mentioned until yesterday. it is not clear in shimano literature, except in the E-Tube Project manual. my own Shimano outside rep didnt know either.
    rear derailleur determines the number of cogs. i havent tried 9070 shifters w 6770 der yet, the other way around is established. firmware updates likely WILL be needed, as most 6770 stuff will have old firmware on it. firmware has to be the same on all electronic parts on the bike.
    Brandon- oops. sorry.

  15. gt350 on

    having ridden di2, its awesome having said that its not for me , I don’t want to worry if I have a charge to ride- having said that , I find very few people who have tested it to argue the shifting is a leap for the better.

  16. Brandon on

    @gt350 – my current 7970 and 6770 setups were last charged in July. I don’t worry if I have a charge to ride, either.

    Having said that, we clearly are talking to very different people. I don’t know of anyone who has put a reasonable amount of time on Di2 that wasn’t completely sold on it.


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