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Extra, Extra, Read All About it: Merlin Delivers Updated Newsboy LTD!

Merlin Newsboy LTD heroPhoto c. Merlin Metalworks
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The Newsboy is back. Merlin Metalworks (we all know them as “Merlin“), maker and purveyor of premium titanium bicycles since 1986, just announced the launch of the new 2023 Newsboy LTD – limited to just 10 frames.

Merlin Metalworks Original Newsboy specs in Winning
Photo c. Winning/Merlin Metalworks. OG Newsboy spec sheet.
Merlin Metalworks Original Newsboy Review
Photo c. Winning/Merlin Metalworks. Merlin Metalworks Original Newsboy Review by Mike Ferrentino

Some of you may remember the OG Newsboy of yesteryear. If not, jump in the wayback machine for a review of the original Newsboy written by none other than the legendary Mike Ferrentino in the magazine Winning.

Merlin Newsboy LTD

Merlin Newsboy LTD Outside

Designed from scratch using advanced titanium manufacturing techniques, Merlin has teamed up with Silca and Yang Manufacturing to update the Newsboy to modern standards while still retaining the iconic looks of the original Newsboy.

The All-new Newsboy LTD is a classic cruiser-styled bike with modern geo and MTB standards and a spec list that could be worthy of some XC racing if that’s your jam…or you can get shreddy on some singletrack or bomb some fire roads.

Merlin Newsboy LTD top tube

Carrying a high stack and relaxed geometry, the Newsboy LTD could be the ticket for all-day comfort. It runs a pretty moderate 68º headtube angle which Merlin says “finds the middle ground between stability and nimbleness. At its core, the Newsboy is a high-performance mountain bike”.

Merlin Newsboy LTD front side outside

The Newsboy is available in five sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Merlin states that each size of the Newsboy LTD is designed individually to maintain the classic lines of the OG. Additionally, the printed yokes and titanium tubing are size-specific, allowing for “zero compromises across the size range”.

Merlin Newsboy LTD handlebars

Retail for the Newsboy LTD is $6380 They are only going to offer 10 frames for 2023 in the aforementioned stock sizes. There will be a variety of different upgrade options available to the customer as well. Plus, Merlin says that there are also “build kits” available too, upon request.

Upgrade Options and Pricing:

  • Custom Geometry: $500
  • Internal Di2 routing: $200
  • Internal brake routing: $350
  • Internal dropper post routing: $250
  • Rack Mounts: $100
  • Fender Mounts: $100
  • Extra Boss Set: $100
  • Paragon SS dropouts: $400

We have researched and used intelligent design, additive manufacturing (3d printing) technology and looked back to Merlin’s legacy of creative fabrication, to build the most innovative Newsboy yet,” said Merlin’s Master Builder and Designer Pete Olivetti.

Newsboy LTD Frame Highlights

Merlin Newsboy LTD classic profile
  • Rear Axle: Boost 148×12
  • Bottom Bracket: T47x73mm
  • Headset: ZS44 EC44
  • Seatpost: 31.6mm routed internally
  • Brake: IS/Postmount
  • Tire Clearance [ML, L, XL]: 29×2.5in
  • Tire Clearance [S, M]: 27.5×2.5in
  • Fork Travel [ML, L, XL]: 100mm
  • Fork Travel [S, M]: 120mm

Newsboy LTD Frame Details and Geometry

  • Merlin’s own custom blend of grade 9 CSWR tubing.
  • Custom 3D printed titanium weldmets
  • Perfectly sequenced double pass welds “to create the most accurate and strongest joints in the industry”
  • Handcrafted Merlin Eagle Head Badge
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Frame Only. All components are sold separately. The frame does not include a fork, headset, or bottom bracket.
  • Starting Price: $6,380 for Frame Only

The Merlin Metalworks Newsboy LTD is available for order now. But, remember, there will only be 10 of these made to order, so act fast.


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King County
King County
8 months ago

I like bikes like this, but this aesthetic is so-so to me. I’d prefer the extended seat stay tubes to be closer to the top tube. A few companies make these retro frames. Its hit or miss. The Dean that BikeRumor showed a bit ago was cool and Black Sheep and others get it right most of the time.

Merlin Metalworks
8 months ago
Reply to  King County

Hi @King County. Thanks for your comment. There was not a single element that wasn’t looked at in terms of production of this bike. the location of the extended seat stays was one of those things. We looked retrospectively at designs over the years and focused primarily at getting the aesthetic to have the feeling of the earliest (generally most endeared) version. As you can imagine, a bike of today is much much different than a bike of the 90’s. That said we actually make a specific “H-Yoke” that Daniel Yang designed for each size to make the landing point of those stays consistent across sizes and appear proportional. I can see by your appreciation of the urban bike we made for Dean about 2016′ that you like the longer shallower radii curves. presuming it was this one you were talking of https://bikerumor.com/nahbs-2016-roundup-1/
Anyway we always appreciate the comments and critiques. We put a lot of time and considerations into this bike. While we wish it was a slam dunk visually for you, we hope you enjoy its idea and execution none the less. We love all the curvy bikes by the way and are quite friendly with many of the benchmarks in the genre. Curtis and James are friends of note for sure. Thanks a ton. Merlin Metalworks team.

Ashok Captain
Ashok Captain
8 months ago

Reply by MERLIN well-reasoned and appreciated. Cheers!

King County
King County
8 months ago

Thx for replying & the info! I try to be quiet, but it’s important for manufacturers to hear from the public. My original post had a mistake. It was a Turner DeWulf that I should have referenced. https://bikerumor.com/turner-bicycles-scrub-enduro-ti-hardtail-dewulf-cruiser-prototype/ . However, the Dean you shared is nice, too. The 2002 Newsboy has a great look https://www.reddit.com/r/Bikeporn/comments/g6fvvd/2nd_gen_merlin_newsboy_titanium_swoopy_and_sexy/ and so does this rare Electra https://www.mtbr.com/threads/new-ss-build-electra-rocket.255557/ Maybe, it’s the proportions of the frame size in the photos and how the seat stays continue the arc of the top tube, plus how much closer-to-level the top tubes are that appeal to me. I actually prefer no extra tubes in the front triangle. The curvy silhouette is good enough for me without the added weight and busy-ness in the front part of the frame. Yrs ago, Masi hade the Soulville, but it wasn’t n MTB. I’m sure you will have great luck with the new Newsboy. It’s sharp.

8 months ago

Does this mean Pete Olivetti is not building under his own name any more? He had a bike at NAHBS called the Thunder Pig a few years ago that was just awesome.

Merlin Metalworks
8 months ago

@threeringcirus. Thanks for the comment. Currently my full time employment is with Merlin and the parent company Janus Cycle Group. I am not currently actively pursuing new builds, but who knows. I am still super passionate about the framebuilding community and the bikes that are produced in it. The Thunder Pig was a super fun bike to design and build. So much so that the logo for it was generally adopted as one of my steady logos. Oddly with the popularity of the curvy tubed bikes it wasn’t a huge driver in my business line up. but it is / was a great bike and I ran the one that was covered here. https://bikerumor.com/nahbs-2018-new-builder-olivetti-shows-fit-function-finest/
for many years as my daily driver. As always much appreciated, and hopefully you find the influences in Merlin Metalworks and Dean Titanium similarly exciting.

8 months ago

I like the Newsboy as much as the next guy, possibly more. But $6380 for a frame is absolutely insane.

Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
8 months ago


No notes.

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