Urge BP says its new helmets will fit anyone and everyone and stand out to drivers to help keep riders safe. Each new helmet arrives with an LED light (mounted in the BOA-style fit dial) visible at 190 feet and a reflective visor.

Urge BP Strail and Nimbus CITY helmets with reflective visor Urge BP Strail and Nimbus CITY helmets with reflective coating

Riders can also choose a reflective coating option that returns a claimed 99% of the light the helmet catches. “A bit disco,” the brand admits, but effective. Urge BP says the coating maximizes the bike helmet’s safety with 490 feet of visibility.

Urge BP Strail

Urge BP Nimbus CITY helmets

Two versions of the helmets suit riders at (seemingly) any experience level. The Nimbus City aims to fit riders from ages 3-9 at 51-55cm; the Strail, at 55-63 cm, targets ages “9-99.”

Urge BP positions the helmets as bike helmets for safety-first daily commuters and urban riders. Sufficient air vents in the Strail should help keep commuters from spending the day with helmet head.

Urge BP Nimbus CITY helmets

And the brand’s mountain bike helmet range inspires the Nimbus City, which should max out safety and style for kids.

The Strail comes in two sizes and weighs around 312 grams. Two price options are available: $102 for the non-reflective coated version or $113 for the “disco” variant.

The Nimbus City weighs 262 grams in one size and costs $91. Each helmet drops on Urge BP’s website in April 2022.

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