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VanDOit MOOV camper van builds on the new AWD Ford Transit Trail

2023 ford transit trail offroad camper van with stock lifted suspension and tires

If you hadn’t seen it, Ford introduced the Transit Trail recently, with factory upgrades that give it a more off-pavement capable spec that seems purpose-built for the Vanlife crowd. And, now, VanDOit is offering a new model on that chassis, giving you overland-ready option without having to modify the suspension or upsize the tires yourself.

As a third model, the MOOV sits alongside VanDOit’s GO and DO models, each offering their own unique base layout and T-Track internal framing. Each is built to about 80% the same on their assembly line, allowing for much quicker, more cost-effective options versus full, one-off customs. Check out our two factory tour stories (here and here) to see how they do it.

The Ford Transit Trail starts with off-road 30.5″ Goodyear Wrangler tires, 16″ rims, a 2.75″ wider track, and a 3.5″ body lift. While VanDOit offers oversize off-road tires as an option, the lift is up to you unless you go with the extreme (and warranty-crushing) Quigley 4×4 conversion.

It’s built on their AWD drivetrain, which IMO is more than enough to get you anywhere you’re going to go in a 10,000lb customized camper van. It also gets adaptive cruise control, blind spot assistance, and reverse and side sensors. So, as long as you don’t add big aftermarket bumpers, you’ll have a very easy to drive vehicle, on highway or off.

The interior T-Track skeleton frames the van, allowing you to attach any of VanDOit’s accessories, like the hanging cabinets, kitchen pod, etc.

The MOOV model introduces a few new designs for VanDOit. Since the Transit Trail doesn’t start life as a passenger van like the others, it doesn’t have all the windows all the way around the sides…only one on the sliding passenger side door.

So, they integrated portal-style storage slots on the sides, and spun the bed 90º, making this their first van with a sideways bed. It also appears to be fixed, which (as shown) means no bikes underneath…but because it’s mounted to T-Track you can likely reposition it, just without the easy hydraulic lifts of the LIV model. It’s also missing the slide-out tray that makes bike loading easier, but as with all of their builds, you can probably add almost any feature you want.

The new power and electronics bank is much smaller though, thanks largely to the use of a Navicon Fathom Li-Ion battery system rather than the traditional three marine batteries.

A swivel passenger seat and desk makes a great workstation, too. We’ve reached out to VanDOit with questions about pricing and availability and other potential modifications and will update when we hear back.


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1 year ago

Tyler, these regular vehicle updates show why bikerumour is still the leader in bringing new and exciting news to cycling!

1 year ago

Ugh, I love this. I built out my 04 Tacoma as a camper and loved that for a year, but living out of that for more than 3 months was tough with the lack of head room, even with a custom aluminum topper. I definitely need to save up more for something like this, but it’s super cool either way. I wish more RV rental companies had something like an AWD transit available. Even the smallest RVs are too big for me. 🙁

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