Portland-based VeloPro launched their dynamic training system back in September, but it required a power meter.

Now, in addition to the tools that create a user-specific training plan based on your ride data and real life schedule, VeloPro has worked to include functions for users without power meters. The Estimated Power option uses an algorithm that creates data that power meter-less folks would otherwise not be able to obtain.

VeloPro is offering a free 14-day trial and three subscription levels if you decide to stick with it. Full PR below…
PRESS RELEASE: VeloPro Expands Offerings With Estimated Power, brings dynamic training to wider audience.

Portland, OR — In a much-anticipated addition to the launch of the world’s first dynamic training system for cyclists, VeloPro LLC has released Estimated Power functionality. Offered at VeloPro’s Enthusiast level, Estimated Power employs a sophisticated mathematical algorithm which takes into account an array of environmental factors and allows users without power meters to access the full power of VeloPro’s dynamic training system. As with the company’s top-level offerings, if users perform above or below the prescribed training load, the system dynamically adjusts future workouts and loads to keep them on track.

Estimated Power promises to open the system to a much wider audience. “While power meter use seems to increase daily, many riders don’t yet have them,” says VeloPro co-founder Adnan Kadir. “Our Estimated Power feature opens our system, and the concept of load-based training, to these riders.”

The company is on track to release a suite of extended services in the coming months, including a framework through which coaches can manage multiple athlete accounts and an innovative social connection facility that unites athletes through training rather than separating them through competition. VeloPro offers three subscription levels, and can be tried free for 14 days at

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7 years ago

I wonder how much more accurate this thing is than stravas Power estimates…

7 years ago

@Rain – Probably as inaccurate, since it can’t take changing wind conditions into factor. There’s a HUGE difference between 22mph with a 20mph headwind or a 30mph tailwind, not to mention aerodynamic drag of clothes, wheels, frame, etc.

7 years ago

Then again, it isn’t that hard to estimate the wind WRT your motion.

7 years ago

I have actually been using VeloPro for a couple of months now to help me get sorted out for next year. I am coming back off of a significant injury, so I really like being able to set my own goals and customize my own schedule. For me, the self-adjusting schedule is actually easier than working with a coach where you only have limited access. With this new feature, I expect that I will still be able to follow the training plan even when I am riding my mountain bike–which is really cool.
In terms of accuracy–I think its fair to expect there will be limitations on any estimate of power. But the real purpose of VeloPro–at least in my understanding–is to track the total training load for each session and over a given time period. This still should be fairly accurate for that purpose even if it may be “off” at certain points in a ride due to factors that can’t be fully accounted for.