VeloToze Cooling Vest keeps cool inside & out with reusable ice packs in your baselayer

The new VeloToze Cooling Vest is a simple zip-up mesh, ice-pack-packing baselayer that promises to keep you from overheating while riding the indoor trainer, or even riding outside in the hottest weather. With four strategically placed pockets for four reusable ice packs, this Cooling Vest makes it easy to stay cooler longer, making indoor training more tolerable, and likely more effective, as well…

VeloToze Cooling Vest prevents you from overheating

We’ve seen pro road teams at the Tour Down Under pre-gaming with ice vests on, and the body temp tracking specialists of CORE described working with pros to optimize indoor training efficiencies with ice vests. If you get too hot while exercising, your power output decreases, your body isn’t able to quickly replenish the fluids (& minerals) that you sweat out, and you’ll need longer recovery time before you can go full gas again.

But now you don’t need a pro-only cooling setup, since VeloToze’s mesh Cooling Vest makes it simple.

Tech details

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The simple 100% polyester mesh Cooling Vest has two small pockets sewn-in just under your armpits, a third small pocket in the middle of your back, and a fourth large pocket higher up your back between the shoulder blades. Just pop the 1 large & 3 smaller cooling packs in, depending on how hot the ride will be. Train in comfort, without overheating or getting too sweaty. Then, after 6 hours back in the freezer, the cooling packs are ready to keep you cool on tomorrow’s training ride.

VeloToze said they developed the Cooling Vest for riding inside on an indoor trainer – where adequate ventilation is often lacking. But it does just as well out on hot outdoor rides, too. A full-length zip makes it easy to get on & off, and also allows for better airflow on its own or under a jersey while riding out on the road.

VeloToze Cooling Vest – Pricing, fit & availability

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For $90 you get a close-fitting breathable, fast-wicking mesh vest baselayer, plus the four reusable gel cooling packs that you just pop back in the freezer once they warm up against your body. The Cooling Vest comes in five men’s sizes (XS-XL) to fit a wide range of cyclists, in white only. There isn’t yet a women’s version, but the fact that VeloToze included a men’s pulldown menu on the product page, hints that a women’s fit may be in the works as well.

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8 months ago

How long will the cooling pack’s stay below body temp from frozen, is my main question.
From the website:

  • Change out Cooling Packs while you ride if desired (additional Cooling Packs sold separately) 

I realize that it depends on how warm your body gets, and how warm the room temp is – but if you have to change them multiple times in an hour, it seems like to mutch bother….

I can understand the idea though….

Jason Henry
7 months ago
Reply to  Kasper

Been using for a week on the trainer. They last 2 hours for me doing sweet spot intervals with the fans maxed. My heart rate is 5 beats lower than without. Perceived effort decreases by say 10-20% for me anyway.