Video: TrainerRoad presents “The Chase – An Inside Look at What It Takes to be the Best”

Looking for a little inspiration to up your own training? TrainerRoad, who makes online training software that talks to your smart trainer and/or generally makes your indoor time more effective, followed one of the top amateur cyclists to see what it takes to compete at the top level without a full ride on a pro team. And, you know, a family, job and real world obligations. Here’s their blurb about the documentary:

For more than a year, one of the fastest amateur cyclists in the country right now, Justin Rossi, allowed TrainerRoad to film his life leading up to his most important race: the 2015 National Time Trial Championships. After losing by a mere nine seconds the year before, he had something to prove and they had a camera. If you’ve ever wondered what life looks like when you commit yourself 100% to achieving a goal — this is it.

Check our review of TrainerRoad here, or just demo it from their homepage. And check their blog on Monday for a deeper dive into this vid’s production.

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Dan N.
Dan N.
6 years ago

Rossi is crazy fast! I live in Reno and have nothing but respect. Keep trying man!

Marcus Gosling
6 years ago

Inspiring, great rider.

6 years ago

Got TRT?