Transition Bikes is located in the amazing little town of Bellingham, WA, home of world-class mountain bike trails, plenty of pro riders, and several major brands. We were there for a few days of riding, led through the trails by Transition’s “product specialized” Lars Sternberg, after which he offered to give a quick tour…and a couple of post-ride beverages.

Thanks for the tour, Lars! Check them out at, where you can rent a bike for local pickup to go for a try-before-you-buy shred on local trails!


    • Tyler Benedict on

      We could tell you, but then we’d have to…Oh, wait. Nothing from Transition yet, they were our trail guides and impromptu party hosts. But, they might have something new coming later this year…there was one room Lars wouldn’t let us see.

  1. Mecanico do Paladar on

    Foggy video.
    Before taking a picture or movie, always clean the fingerprints in the camera lens.

    Nice energy at Transition!



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