Can an amateur rider complete the UNBOUND Gravel 200?

This fresh mini-documentary tells the story of everyday cyclist Erwin Sikkens as he pushes through all 200 grueling miles of UNBOUND Gravel.

Though typically billed as a race for elite gravel cyclists, UNBOUND is technically open to anyone with a bike. Sikkens certainly had one of those, and he was deadset on capturing the race from an average rider’s perspective.

Endless Kansas roads, ruby-orange skies, mechanical failures, tears of every kind, finish-line revelry, and a remarkably ordinary hero make this 11-minute edit from Cannondale into one hell of an experience.

“Gravel is so much bigger and better and more beautiful than I would have thought,” he marvels.

So, get ready to feel all the feels, then hit play.

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7 days ago

I’m pretty sure a few hundred amateurs finish it every year.

3 days ago

As they have since long before the pros started to come to race.

Paul Larsen
Paul Larsen
4 days ago

I finished this race the year I turn 60. An amazing experience