Hidden behind closed doors at the Taipei Cycle Show were a collection of new Vittoria Terreno and other gravel bike tires, a new sidewall option for cyclocross, and a new trail tire to polish off their already expansive mountain bike lineup.

Starting with the Terreno lineup, we saw the Terreno Zero at Sea Otter earlier this year. Joining it will be the new Terreno Dry 650×47, which is based off the 700×31/33/38 sized cyclocross tires that launched in 2017. We reviewed that tire last season and loved it. Check out this video for a complete run through of all three Terreno tread patterns.

2019 Vittoria Terreno Dry gravel and XC mountain bike tires offer fast rolling low profile tread pattern for smooth dry hardpack conditions

The Terreno Zero has a smooth center tread line, the Dry keeps the ramped scales running all the way across.

Claimed weight for the Terreno Dry 650×47 is 550g. All new tires shown here should be available early next year, but exact dates and final specs were TBD. We do know that all of the Terreno tires will use Vittoria’s Graphene-infused rubber to maximize grip and durability.

2019 Vittoria Terreno Dry gravel and XC mountain bike tires offer fast rolling low profile tread pattern for smooth dry hardpack conditions

The Terreno Dry uses their ramped scales in the center, ending in intermediate and side knobs to improve cornering grip, and ease the transition into the taller side knobs. The ramped scale design keeps it rolling extremely quick, yet adds just enough braking traction and aids overall cornering grip. But they’re only for very dry conditions. Some pro cyclocross racers are using this pattern for icy conditions, too, and Vittoria rates them fairly well for that surface.

In addition to the Terreno Dry gravel and CX tires, you’ll see this pattern without the “dry” moniker in their XC tire lineup in 29×2.1 and 29×2.25 tubeless ready versions. Claimed weights are 600g and 640g respectively, both getting their top level 120tpi cotton casing.

prototype Vittoria Agarro trail mountain bike tire

This Vittoria Agarro is a prototype mountain bike tire that uses similar knob shaping and design as the Gato and Bombolini tires, but with subtle differences. Like a split center line, increasing the cornering edges on the top of the tire.

prototype Vittoria Agarro trail mountain bike tire

All knobs are siped to increase total traction, and about half are stepped to mimic a ramped shape for smoother rolling.



  1. More Cushion for the Pushin' on

    Dear Vittoria,

    Your graphite infused rubber compound and supple sidewalls are the best I’ve tried. Not only can I feel the grip descending through turn after turn, but I can actually hear the stickiness. Delicious.

    Please offer this in a 700x32mm (with the gray sidewall)!
    Maybe this goes against your Old World sensibilities, but they’d sell.

    Your Pal,
    More Cushion for the Pushin’

  2. Celest Greene on

    I can’t speak for the gravel models, but Vittoria mountain tires are criminally underrated. Doubly so when you consider that they run $20ish less than a comparable Maxxis.

  3. Great Gazoo on

    What these two said! Been running the Vittoria Mezcal 2.25 & now 2.35 for 3 seasons now and these tires work in many conditions, roll super fast, and are as durable as anything on the market!

  4. Trevorrr on

    I have been loving the Terreno Dry 700 x 40 on my cross bike for long rides that are a mix of road, gravel, and trail. Cant wait to try the 33mm version for cross.

  5. CW Powers on

    I also really like their top shelf 120tpi G+ MTB tires, even though I had a trail puncture on a rear Mezcal which I have a strong feeling would not have happened to the equivalent Maxxis or Conti. Basically, they are great, but in my experience have been a bit more vulnerable than my other two trusted tire brands.

  6. Tyler on

    Those Terreno 650b looks like they will be in a great spot to compete with WTBs offerings, I really like the look. May have to try them out.


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