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WADA Decides They Hate Tyler Hamilton

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tyler-hamilton-green-rockracingWADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, has decided that somehow it makes sense to pursue an increase to Tyler Hamilton’s 8-year ban from professional cycling competition.

Hamilton, 38, agreed not to protest the positive results of a testosterone test in February, and announced his retirement from cycling on April 19.  He said he had taken DHEA as self medication for depression despite knowing that it could trigger positive results for banned substances.

As part of his agreement to accept the positive without pursuing the case (which saved the USADA tens of thousands in legal costs), his “sentence” was limited to an eight year ban…which, at his age, is essentially a lifetime ban from the sport.

Now, WADA has appealed the agreement saying that the eight-year suspension does not constitute sufficient punishment.  Apparently, WADA has more money than sense as they will have to pay for the appeal…must be nice having money to burn in these days and times.

Photo by KWC.org.

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G Paolucci
G Paolucci
14 years ago

September 4, 2009, WADA either had a “come to Jesus meeting with their accountants” or realized they had no leg to stand on according to their own code of law (revised in 2009 by their own members and the same Independent Observer they wanted to arbitrate Tyler’s appeal) decided to put an end to their vindictive ruthless and senseless attempt to discredit Tyler and dropped their appeal;

“WADA has withdrawn its appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the case of United States cyclist Tyler Hamilton.

Following receipt of the background information that was not available to WADA when the appeal was launched, WADA has determined that the eight-year sanction imposed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) was appropriate in the particular circumstances of this case.” (www.wada-amo.org/en/)

WADA received no further “background information” in the brief sent to them by Tyler and his team, the only thing that was new was an affidavit from Tyler and his doctor which just re-iterated what Tyler and his attorney had told USADA. These people promote themselves on fairness and equality, but there have been no explanations to excuse their witch hunt against Tyler, no apologies, nothing but an idiotic excuse that they were just not well informed. The consequences of their appeal, to the 8 year ban, on a person who had taken his sanction with dignity and grace, who was honest about his illness, a man who was attempting to get on with his life by taking care of his mother and himself was sent on another mind-bending roller coaster ride, for well, either their inability to read statements, trust their own bodies such as the USADA who had worked with Tyler and his attorney, or maybe just for the hell of it. As the joke goes “why does a dog lick his balls…cos’ he can”

Collusion between USADA and Tyler was the reason WADA felt it NEEDED to appeal, 8 years was just not enough for a second time offender. Life was the only thing acceptable to WADA and their “independent observers”; one (who shall remain nameless) who back in 2002 was quoted in DW.World.De “wished for the Italian system to be in place” – i.e. Jail time for doping athletes; a man, who “represented WADA” for a stakeholders meeting before FIFA; and was chosen by WADA to be the Chair of Independent Observers at the Athens 2004 Olympics. A man who again was quoted back in 2004 at the Athens Olympics as saying “”Athletes are being controlled like never before and they don’t know what we’re capable of and that is very good. WADA doesn’t want to be predictable,” WE’RE – first person, but he wasn’t he called the Chair of the Independent Observers?
In 2008 he represented CAS – the Court of Arbitration for Sport, itself at a conference they held in Lausanne, Switzerland for Eufa Euro.

Just how are WADA and CAS picking these “fair independent” observers? The names never change, only the descriptions of their titles, they make a living testifying for WADA and CAS. Are these the people who “make sure all goes well in the laboratories and that all doping tests are done in a secure and safe and fair” manner?? This one particular person, well versed as he is in the matter (I should hope so considering he’s been drinking the cool aide for decades, well before WADA), was actually asked to be removed as an independent observer in Tyler’s case since his attorney found “observations” linking this man to WADA in a much deeper relationship than this man swore to have on his own affidavit. Just before learning of WADA’s decision to drop its appeal, CAS had informed Tyler and his team that this man was to be replaced based on his attorney’s request. Further when it was requested that his appeal be made open to the public and the media and in the USA, WADA’s only response was to run.

Who controls these people, who tests to make sure they are fair and not swearing to be independent when instead they are in WADAs wallet??

I have only good things to say about what WADA stands for, as for the people who are members of this agency maybe it’s time for WADA to get a transfusion of new blood, maybe it would be wise for WADA to be tested – they certainly came up positive for Tyler’s hearing, and when caught – they ran away with their tails in between their legs…who gets to stain their reputations for eternity?? Who do they answer to?? It’s certainly not the athletes and their families and loved ones who get dragged through the mud. It takes 2 positive samples in order to confirm that an athlete is a is guilty of doping. When the second sample cannot confirm the first- the athlete is considered not guilty. But who leeks to the press the positive result of the first sample, and when the second sample is negative, do you honestly think the alleged doper is looked upon with trust ever again?? We all know the answer to that question.

It’s time for WADA to be positive- and get a transfusion of new blood, its time Pound retires, and the agency start hiring new members and appointing new Independent Observers who can truly stand for their logo of equality and fairness and yes, indepenedence from WADA.

11 years ago

Tyler Hamilton is a loser cheater who gave false testimony against Lance Armstrong to try and save his loser career.

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