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Wahoo Goes Virtual Running with $5000 KICKR RUN Treadmill?

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Wahoo expands their KICKR offering on foot. And no – it’s not April Fools Day. Let us introduce you to the all-new KICKR RUN, Wahoo’s first foray into the smart treadmill market. The idea is not far off base, really. We like to think of Wahoo as a cycling-only company. But in recent years, they have been more of an all-around fitness company.

Some may have seen the smart treadmill coming. It makes sense with Zwift’s addition of virtual running. Let’s dive in and see how it works, and what separates it from the run-of-the-mill treadmill. 

What is a Wahoo KICKR RUN treadmill, anyway? 

Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill side

The KICKR RUN is the first (that we know of) fully immersive home indoor running experience. The user can change pace on-the-fly and let their feet dictate the speed changes. The new KICKR RUN unit boasts a full integration with Zwift Run. Giving the home(star?) runner feedback similar to the KICKR bike trainer, the KICKR RUN adjusts to changes in gradient as the user explores the virtual world. 

Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo Fitness, commented: “I have been working behind the scenes with a talented group of Wahooligans developing KICKR RUN for over seven years – so I am delighted to see it come to market. As passionate runners – we wanted to create the most realistic experience and a tool that helps people improve, become better athletes, and achieve their goals. The KICKR RUN will revolutionize indoor running as the KICKR did for indoor cycling over a decade ago.”

Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill belt

Key Features

  • RunFree: The KICKR RUN allows users to run true to their pace, form, and goals. In the RunFree Mode, a high-speed motor reacts within milliseconds to your position on the running surface. This ‘sensor’ allows speed changes without touching the controls, allowing the runner to keep a natural and comfortable pace. 
  • Training: The smart treadmill was designed to help the runner get faster. It allows you to perform preloaded world-class workouts via a training platform like Zwift. The KICKR RUN also boasts ‘nudgeable’ control paddles that allow the user to control without breaking stride.
  • Run Smart: The KICKR RUN’s responsive surface offers natural energy return and propels runners forward at their average outdoor pace. It has built-in tilting functionality and offers lateral tilting capability, providing a dynamic running experience to simulate the road. Users can automatically level their KICKR RUN without shims or other leveling methods. 
  • Run Connected: The advanced treadmill is designed specifically for focused training. It features smart functionality for structured workouts and automatic speed and grade control from third-party applications. The unit connects to software platforms such as ZWIFT and Wahoo SYSTM for virtual training. With elite speed capabilities of up to 4:00/mile, runners can reach their full potential, no matter their level. 
Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill jpeg

The KICKR RUN fully integrates within the Wahoo Fitness ecosystem of heart rate monitors, smartwatches, and accessories. There’s no need for a trainer desk. The treadmill unit has an integrated laptop/tablet shelf and bottle holders for easily accessible hydration. Users can also charge devices on the go via a USB-C port. And built-in WiFi connectivity ensures a quick connection to your network. Like the KICKR bike trainers, the KICKR RUN also offers a direct connect port for a stable hardwired network connection, too.

Wahoo KICKR RUN – Pricing & availability

The all-new Wahoo KICKR RUN will launch in the USA in the summer of 2024 and roll out globally in 2025. Wahoo exclusively unveil their new treadmill ahead of this schedule, this week at the Boston Run Show (Saturday & Sunday, January 27-28) with live demos running throughout the weekend. 

  • Price: $5,000
  • Availability: The KICKR RUN will start shipping late June 2024.


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30 days ago

Y’all should say it uses AI. People will pay more for AI. Oh yeah, and make sure it doesn’t kill children.

Keith Morlen
Keith Morlen
28 days ago
Reply to  Hamjam

A.I. is a fancy name for algorithms.

28 days ago

I’ll just run on the earth.

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