Argonaut Cycles, Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles and Breadwinner Cycles have teamed up to compete against each other, and you could be the 4th person on one of their teams riding a bike custom built for you!

The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge pits each builder’s team of four against the others in this years Rouge Roubaix. One slot on each Builder Team is up for grabs, and it could be you. They’re looking for a motivated, experienced racer to join each team and pull their weight across the 106 mile gravel race.


Click here to submit your application. Each builder will select the most worthy candidate, build them a complete Custom Dream Bike, and fly them down to race the Rouge Roubaix which takes place on Sunday March 15th in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and live in the USA, hold valid USA Cycling license for the category of the Builder Team they select and be able to travel to the race. Submission Deadline is Monday, January 19. Winners will be announced Friday Jan 23rd.

The Radavist will be on hand taking pics and making you look hip, and Chris King is sending head chef Chris DiMinno along to keep everyone well fed during the weekend (his tacos are legit, BTW).

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Clive de Sousa
7 years ago

Sweet! sign me up. Only problem would be what happens if I get dropped right out the gate? Will they want the bike back??

7 years ago

What’s that racist stuff? Only usa citizens can apply!?

7 years ago

@Mario, what race is not represented by US citizens?