Tour of sufferlandria

Planning on doing some suffering in your basement in the coming weeks to prepare for the season? Why not join in on The Sufferfest’s grand tour though the mythical roads of Sufferlandria and possibly win some killer prizes along the way? Starting on January 25th, and continuing for nine days riders will turn themselves inside out following the Sufferfest video route stages above. There are two ways to win prizes – the first is simply to donate $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation, each $10 donation will equate to 1 chance for winning so the more you donate, the better your chances. The second category is the donation+completing all 9 Sufferfest ToS stages on TrainerRoad. Other than that, there is no signing up or registering, simply donate or donate and ride TrainerRoad, the winner is the person that suffers the most.

See what prizes you’ll be suffering for after the break!


Donor Prize Pool

1 Chance to win for every $10 donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation


Donor+TrainerRoad Pool

Requires ToS Comletion on TrainerRoad. Then 1 chance to win for every $10 donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation.

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8 years ago

Nice job on the poster.

Der Berggeist
8 years ago

Excellent, let’s destroy our legs and be completely zapped when the racing actually starts. Can’t wait!