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WTC Expands Pedal Line with New Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals Designed for Mid-Foot Riding

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals hero(Photos/Wolf Tooth Components)
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The Minnesota machining wizards are at it again with the release of the Ripsaw pedal. This new aluminum pedal has a slim, lightweight design with a slight convex profile and is specifically made for mid-foot riding. The Ripsaw comes following the success of WTC’s Waveform pedal.

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals designed for mid-pedal riders
(Photos/Wolf Tooth Components)

The internals of the pedals include three fully sealed cartridge bearings, a stainless steel axle, an igus bushing, and a custom radial seal protecting internal components against trail muck.

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals profile

The large machined aluminum platform provides a strong foothold, ideal for all-mountain riding. The thin convex profile is only 7mm thick at the leading edge and tallest at the pedal spindle. WTC says this profile aligns perfectly with the natural arch of the foot and provides a strong platform for power transfer.

Ripsaw Pedal Profile

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals convex

Being only 12.5mm thick in the center and just 7mm thick in the front and rear edges, the new Ripsaw pedals are sleek, to say the least. It carries a large 118mm x 102mm profile.

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals outside

This offers support and comfort for all riders but performs exceptionally well for riders who prefer a mid-foot pedal position. This design benefits those riders whose shoes don’t have much structure or support.

Colors and Pedal Pins

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals colors

The new Ripsaw pedal comes in three colors, Raw Silver, Ultraviolet Purple, and Black. There are 12 stainless steel, rear-loading, 4.5mm pins on each side of the pedal offering a boatload of traction. There are an additional six 4.5mm and six 3mm pins that ship with the pedals. These are also available as replacement parts.

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals closeup

The shorter pins are included so the rider can customize the amount of convexity the pedal has. For instance, if you install the shorter pins on the edges of the Ripsaw, the convex profile will be emphasized.

Ripsaw Internals

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals spindle

I think we can all agree that quality internal components are essential for our components to have a long performance life. Inside the new Ripsaw pedal is a machined 17-4 stainless steel axle. and as mentioned earlier, it sports three low-friction, fully sealed cartridge bearings, and one igus bushing. It uses a custom radius seal to protect the internals from harmful trail debris.

This is the same internals that WTC uses on the popular Waveform Aluminum Pedals. Those pedals have been earning positive, long-term reviews for superior performance in all conditions. So, the new Ripsaw will give you consistent, reliable performance while riding in the rain, mud, sand, dirt, and snow.

Made in ‘Merica

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals steps

The Ripsaw aluminum pedals are designed, engineered, machined, and assembled at Wolf Tooth in Minnesota, USA. Each pedal body starts as a solid 6061-T6 aluminum billet. It then spends 40 minutes in a CNC mill where the 118mm x 102mm platform finds its shape.

Meanwhile, over in axle land, the 17-4 stainless steel axles start as long cylindrical rods getting fed into a CNC lathe to get cut into their final form. All of the 33 individual components are compiled and assembled. The assembly of the many parts happens within 40 feet of the source CNC machines. They are then packed and shipped to eager cyclists around the globe.

Ripsaw Fully Repairable

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals rebuildable

Wolf Tooth believes in the Right to Repair. So, all individual components of the Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals are available as replacement parts. That includes the pedal body, stainless steel axle, bearings, and more. Along with the included six additional pins, is an owner’s manual, and video guide that’s provided on the Waveform Aluminum Pedal webpage for customers to disassemble, service, and reassemble the pedals at home.

Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals on billet

The new Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals carry a 5-year warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase. The pedals can also be sent to Wolf Tooth for service.

Availability and Retail

Retail: $199 (per set)

Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals Press Release

Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals are available today at the link below and at any bike shop that stocks Wolf Tooth.


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Steve Flagg's Burner
Steve Flagg's Burner
1 month ago

Wow, WTC is absolutely killing it lately.

Rim Brake enjoyer
Rim Brake enjoyer
1 month ago

Very cool looking

Ashok Captain
Ashok Captain
1 month ago

Interesting take on design.

Triple bearings and more. No skimping on the innards here.

Some (most?) MTB flat pedal designs have a concavity over the axle and an old review actually dissed a Cranky Brothers flat pedal for having a convex area over the axle.

As another commenter said, very cool looking indeed! Especially the purple.

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