Over at Wolf Tooth Components, it’s the Summer of Color!

As of late, Wolf Tooth has been releasing very Limited Edition Colors for the Morse Cage in Cerakote finishes The past colors have included Black, Gold, Purple, and most recently Pink. As of this post, the only one still in stock, of these past colors is the pink cage.

Cerakote is a durable industrial-strength coating that can be found on tools, engines, and more. It provides a unique matte finish on this Morse Cage. The Cerakote finish is added to their titanium bottle cage making it both light and colorful.

As you may or may not know, the Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is a titanium bottle cage with a unique base plate that allows you to reposition the bottle placement on your bike. The name for the cage came from the dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern on the base. According to Wolf Tooth, each of the four mounting options has a “dot” paired with a “dash” that ensures your bottle is securely mounted, giving you the option of up to 32mm of vertical adjustment of bottle cage positioning.

This limited Morse Ti Cage in Teal looks awesome!

The latest Limited Edition Morse ti Cage in a Teal Cerakote finish

Limited Edition Morse ti Cage in a Pink Cerakote finish

Limited Edition Morse ti Cage in a Pink Cerakote finish…still in stock

These two colors are the only Limited Edition Morse Cages in stock right now, and once they’re gone… they’re gone.

You can pick your own Morse Cage in Teal here, and Pink here. Hurry, while they’re still available

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2 days ago

Limited Edition bottlecages are you serious!