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Donate to help build the world’s longest MTB trail from Canada to Cabo!

Bikepacking Roots SingletrackPhoto c. Bikepacking Roots
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They say they’re building the longest singletrack mountain bike trail in the world. It’s called the Orogenesis Route and Bikepacking Roots is behind it. On the Bikepacking Roots website, its mission is clear: “Bikepacking Roots supports and advances bikepacking, the growth of a diverse bikepacking community, and access to and the conservation of the landscapes and public lands through which we ride”. 

Orogenesis MTB Trail
Photo c. Bikepacking Roots

In case you didn’t know (I surely didn’t), Orogenesis is the geological process of mountain forming.  It’s a process that more or less formed the western side of North America. So basically when two tectonic plates collide and push upward, forming our mountain ranges, and looking at the map of the trail (below)…the Sierra Nevadas in particular.

The trail looks like it will consist of

  • 5029 miles
  • 471,000 elevation gain
  • 87% dirt
  • 24 tiers
  • 50+ indigenous territories
  • 7 states
  • 3 countries

The trail promises to wind you through and  over “majestic peaks, bubbling streams, and solemn forests.” With the landscape “painting its story in front of your two wheels, whether you’re riding all 5000 miles, or just 5.”

Orogenesis MTB Trail Map
Photo c. Bikepacking Roots. Orogenesis MTB Trail Map

The website states that “for every dollar you donate, they get ten”… that’s pretty awesome, and made possible by their “Mountain Builder Circle” that are matching every dollar donation tenfold!  But they are only doing this until the end of September. You can do the math, I know… but if they can raise $20,000, they actually get $220,000…

You can join some of the companies below and donate to the cause here.

Orogenesis Supporters
Orogenesis Supporters
Orogenesis MTB Trail
Photo c. Bikepacking Roots

Orogenesis MTB Route

Check out the links below for more info and to stay abreast of any progress.

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Orogenesis MTB Trail


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1 year ago

I wonder how they will get through the permit process for using NF areas.
We have been trying to build new trails in the NF for years through the Big Bear Trails foundation and pretty much have gotten nowhere since we’ve built the Skyline Trail back in 2012-2014. There is so much USFS red tape that you have to go through with native habitat, and endangered species.

I’m hopeful that this does happen. Maybe it would open doors to getting more trails open in California.

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